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Red Bull Campus Clutch: Egypt's Anubis crowned champions after thrilling reverse sweep

They completed the sweep against Portugal's Project S in a thrilling Bo5 final.
Red Bull Campus Clutch: Egypt's Anubis crowned champions after thrilling reverse sweep

Egypt’s Anubis Gaming completed a reverse sweep against Portugal’s Project S to emerge victorious in the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Finals.

The final was a thrilling best of five, that saw the Portuguese race into a 2-0 lead, the last of which was a 13-0 shutout. However, Anubis kept their faith, and moving on to their more comfortable maps, they pushed Project S back, finishing the rout on Split in a performance that acted as a showcase for their two star players -- Mohamed "shalaby" Shalaby (Raze) and Ziyad ElSawaaf (Killjoy).

Red Bull Campus Clutch AnubisPortugal's Project S couldn't get it over the line. (Picture: Jacobo Medrano / Red Bull Content Pool)

The Egyptians take home the entire €20,000 prize pool, they will also receive VIP tickets to a future Valorant Champions Tour event.

The Red Bull World Finals - Valorant's second-ever international LAN - was held in Madrid, Spain in a train station turned venue called the La Estación. it was a fitting place, travel has been restricted for so long that the very fact organizers were able to fly 12 teams in from all over the world and with a small audience in attendance, added a palpable joy to the occasion.

Red Bull Campus ClutchLa Estación moments before the final began. (Picture: Jacobo Medrano / Red Bull Content Pool)

Contradictory, its billing as a tournament of university students was a misnomer. Students they were, but there was also a smattering of pro players and the standard of play was high. Early tournament favourites, Bedel Ödeyenler of Turkey, could count on the services of BBL Esport's Barış Fred Özdemir among others. USA's Bay Area Vandals were also favoured with former Carpe Noctem player, Thienan "Teddy" Tran, a recognised talent in the region. Both failed to make it out of their groups.

It was instead Anubis who caught the eye, their reputation enhanced with every win. They would have clean swept the group but for a dead rubber loss against South Korea's VAC Kimchi in the final match.

It wasn't without its scares though, but Anubis - named after a jackal-headed deity who presided over the embalming process and accompanied dead kings in the afterworld - sent Project S and those that came before them to their graves.

Anubis Gaming shalabyAnubis proved themselves worthy winners. (Picture: Jacobo Medrano / Red Bull Content Pool)

It won't be the last time we hear about these players, with shalaby completing a fairy tale weekend with news getting out of his imminent signing to Renault Vitality.


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