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Valorant's repeating map problem in matchmaking to be fixed, Riot states

Problem with map repetition in Valorant matchmaking system is something players are being loud about for months, and it looks like a solution from Riot is finally coming.
Valorant's repeating map problem in matchmaking to be fixed, Riot states

Valorant, Riot's first-person tactical shooter, is still a very young game, and therefore the map pool is relatively small, with just 4 maps currently in the game - Ascent‎, Bind, Haven, and Split.

With four maps available at launch, and a 6-month wait between maps means we could be December before we finally get a new stomping ground.

Valorant_Ascent_repeating map fix
Ascent was the 4th map added to the game (Picture: Riot Games)

Still, four maps wouldn't be the worse thing in the world, if players weren't finding themselves playing the same map over and over again despite the odds - but that is exactly what is happening and it's led some to believe that it isn't a random system at all.

Thankfully for frustrated players, the developers have now acknowledged the existence of the problem and they say they are working hard on getting to the bottom of the issue and providing a solution.

Joseph Ziegler, Valorant's Game Director, shared on Twitter that they are working on a solution "to make the map selector less likely to RNG you into the same map over and over".



While many think that this is "just bad luck" and that it will be fixed with the addition of new maps later, some are proposing relatively easy solutions to fix this kind of issue, that can work immediately.

Interestingly enough, one such proposal is coming from Anton "Zedd" Zaslavski, a famous Russian-born German DJ, who apparently plays Valorant as well.



His idea is to implement a limit on how many times you can play a map in a row (he proposed 3x maximum).

While this does seem like a good solution, some players are afraid that this can be abused on the ladder.

Valorant Matchmaking Repeating Maps Fix

While we are waiting for Riot to implement their fix for the issue that's been bothering players since the launch of the game, apparently there are some alternative ways people are using as their ad hoc solution.

Split (Picture: Riot Games)

Back in July, Aleksey "LeX" Kolesnikov, Former CS:GO and CoD pro, claimed that this problem can be bypassed by remaking your lobby.



If you are feeling like you are dealing with the repeating maps issue, maybe his advice will be of use to you next time you start your ladder session.

Other than that, for now, we will have to wait and see what solution will Riot come up with.