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Riot "accelerating" development on Valorant left-hand models, considering epilepsy-friendly flashbangs

Quality of life features are oft-requested but can find themselves vying for developers' time with flashier additions, however, Riot Games is promising that they are working hard on getting them into the game.
Riot "accelerating" development on Valorant left-hand models, considering epilepsy-friendly flashbangs

Among all the calls for new agents, maps, and weapon skins, it is sometimes important to remember all that we do have when we fire up our favourite tactical shooter (don't @ me CS:GO fanbois).

Because it is a sad fact that not everyone can enjoy games the same way, whether that be issues with using certain inputs or visual or audio impairments that affect their ability to compete, some people can find it difficult to enjoy games the same way others do.

Thankfully, gamers like the vast majority of people, don't want to see anyone miss out and one Valorant fan felt the need to speak up for his friend, who suffers from epilepsy, to ask Riot Games to look into developing "epilepsy friendly" flash grenades.

Valorant epilepsy flash left-hand models
Flashes could prove dangerous to those that suffer from epilepsy. (Picture: Riot Games)

Posting to the Valorant subreddit, u/Boudac123 claims that flash grenades would, "f**k [his friend] up".

He even had a suggestion for Riot, by making the screen black when flashed, the potential for seizures would be reduced.

"I was thinking maybe a blackscreen option could help them play the game? Also to convince riot: this could attract future customers."

Riot has worked hard to keep a dialogue with the player base since release, and with this issue they were no different, with a Riot employee who has the alias ProgRocktopus simply stating they had "noted" the suggestion.

The developers won't often comment on such a feature unless they have serious plans to consider it's implementation to this should be looked at as a positive.

The employee goes on to state that Riot maintains a huge "list of quality-of-life, accessibility, and other small improvements" that they hope to introduce to the game.

"I'm talking to a few people this week about accelerating the pace at which we get them into the game. Every team member wants to do more of these, but the challenge is prioritizing them against all of the other new, big, complicated stuff," explained ProgRocktopus.

And the oft-requested left-hand models? ProgRocktopus confirms that they are definitely in the works, and it is simply a matter of time until they are finally in the game.

Valorant lefthand model
(Picture: Riot Games)

When we will see these features isn't certain, but the developers are keen to get them out and as fast as possible. 

Left-hand models are likely weeks away, as they have been discussed for months but the likes of epilepsy flashbangs are probably further down the line.