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Valorant players complain about "broken" map selection

Ever felt like you’re playing the same Valorant maps over and over? You’re not the only one to experience this strange phenomenon, as players complain about the game’s map selection being broken.
Valorant players complain about "broken" map selection

Ever since Valorant was in beta, players have been complaining that it feels as though some maps come up more frequently than others. Given that the shooter only has 4 maps to begin with, seeing a map come up a few times in a play session is almost guaranteed, but some players have been reporting that the map selection is more than a little biased. 

Split Valorant map selection
One player complained he got Split 8 games in a row. (Picture: Riot Games)

According to Reddit user “smichers” on the game’s subreddit, the Valorant fan encountered the map Split eight games in a row. Should this claim prove to be true, the chance of such a streak occurring is 0.0015% or about a 1 in 50,000 chance.

It goes without saying but this is a staggeringly low chance, yet the user claims it’s not even the first time they’ve encountered streaks of this length. Other commenters also report similar issues, with one claiming to have played on Bind 7 times back-to-back. 

Another user claims to have played Ascent 6 times, followed by Bind 7 times, and then Haven 5 times - noting that it has been 4 days since they last saw Split. With just one fan reporting this issue, it could be believed to just be poor luck, but it seems that the poor map selection is a universal issue.

One possible solution for this issue would be to select a map that has been played the least in recent history, for the match’s players. Another solution that would indirectly combat this issue would be adding more maps to the game, but this is certainly a long process, Riot plan to add just two new maps a year.