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Valorant Replay System: Release Date, Features, More

Here is the latest information available regarding Valorant Replay System including its release date and more.
Valorant Replay System: Release Date, Features, More

Valorant Replay System has been one of the most demanded features in the game for a long, and even though Riot has released the biggest update, i.e., Episode 7 Ac 2, bringing loads of game-changing features, the replay system is still not a part of it. At the moment, players need to use third-party software like Nvidia Experience to record their gameplay, and it is easy to miss your moments if you don't have Instant Replay turned on.

With Valorant's release date in China coming closer, Riot has announced that it will feature some exclusive skins, bundles, etc., and Replay System will be a part of the game. This has started a heated discussion among the community again regarding when they will get it in the global version of the game, and here is everything you need to know about it.

September 20 Update: We checked for the latest information regarding "Valorant Replay System Release Date and Features" today.

Valorant Replay System Release Date and Features

Valorant Replay System Release Date.
Valorant Replay System Release Date. (Picture: Riot Games)

Though Riot has confirmed that they are working on bringing Replay System to Valorant global version, there has been no exact release date or period given by them. However, recently ValorLeaks, a trusted leaker, has claimed that it is coming in 2023. 

The leaker responded to Sean Gares when he excitedly tweeted about the Replay System after its announcement in Chinese version. "Next year, still in development for the main client. Their replays are like overwolf. We should see replays early next year or later on. They have a working system now," ValorLeaks replied.

 In addition to this, Arnar Hrafn Gylfason, Valorant developer has also replied to Sean, saying, "As much as I wish I could say yes, what this is referring to is a video highlight system built into Tencent's game launcher (they use a different launcher than we do in rest of world) for VALORANT."

However, he revealed in another reply in the thread that they are hoping to share details about it with the community in the next couple of months. "We're working on a technical deep dive about where we are with replays that we hope to share with the community in the next couple of months," Arnar replied.

The Replay System coming to Chinese Valorant will be called Fearless Moment and will feature advanced replay and recording system.

 We will update this page once we have more information about the Valorant Replay System, so make sure to keep an eye on it.