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Valorant to get change to damage and health feedback, replay system in the works confirm devs

Riot has confirmed that changes are on the way to the way damage feedback works plus confirmation of a post-launch replay system.
Valorant to get change to damage and health feedback, replay system in the works confirm devs

The Valorant closed beta is now in full swing, and after initial outcry's over the strength of various Agents, such as Raze, players are now asking for fine-tuning of less obvious aspects of the game.

One such issue is damage feedback - both when receiving and dishing out - with some finding it difficult to know when their shots are landing or they themselves are taking damage.

Currently, the game has no visual feedback for damage taken, other than the obvious HP counter at the bottom right of the screen, but this involves you looking down and taking note of it - with the time spent doing so having the potential to a be life or death decision.

Damage dealt to other players is also not always clear, with no visual hitmarkers, other than optional blood splatter. This poses a problem as Riot has requested tournament organizers to turn off blood splatter in events, with many players are following suit so their game settings are as close to the esport meta as possible.

It was an issue that one Reddit user felt particularly strongly about and a discussion ensued that led to some ways the Valorant falls short.



A Riot developer took notice of the post and joined in the conversation to explain that the will be bringing "incremental improvements" to damage feedback and health status.


The developer also made clear that they are looking to keep these cues as minimal as possible as they have the ability to stay into "annoying/distracting territory".

You only have to look at some other FPS titles on the market to understand what was meant by annoying - with Call of Duty being one egregious example of a game that can be OTT when it comes to letting you known you've been hit with blood being splashed across the screen, skewing your vision.


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(Credit: Activision)


There is no word yet on when these changes will be implemented but it looks like they are all but done and should make their way into the game soon.

One feature that players will need to wait longer for is a replay system similar to those found in CS:GO and Fortnite and which allow players to go back through their games to help build strategies and see where they went right, or more likely wrong, in a particular game.

In another Reddit post discussing such a feature, a Riot developer dropped in to say that while the feature is in the works, it won't make it into launch.

"We won’t have replays at launch (sorry!)," the Riot dev stated. "Definitely going to be there at some point soon… and not seven years past launch like League!"


Valorant needs a replay system from VALORANT


Another user asked if a killcam system may make it into the game, with the developer stating only that they "have talked about it". Suggesting this is one feature that might never make it into the game.



Valorant has already had one major upgrade since the launch of the closed beta, with nerfs to the Raze and Sage agents the most prominent changes, the next patch v0.49 has been confirmed to introduce ranked played with the Competitive playlist.