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Riot confirms changes are planned for Killjoy's Nanoswarm

The newest Valorant Agent is wreaking havoc in the tactical shooter and the devs have confirmed they will address the biggest issue of them all in an upcoming patch.
Riot confirms changes are planned for Killjoy's Nanoswarm

Balancing a game like Valorant is not easy, as a single tweak to weapons or Agent abilities could potentially turn the tactical shooter on its head. Killjoy, the most recent Agent to be added to the cast, is close to doing just that.

While Killjoy's turrets have proven to be an issue of their own for players, it's her nanoswarm ability that's sending them over the edge, with pro players like Hiko claiming the molly does "a lot of damage" on top of being hard to identify.

killjoy nanoswarm

Photo: (Riot Games)

In an interview with Dot Esports, John Goscicki, character producer in Valorant, confirmed that changes are coming to Killjoy with the next incoming patch, however, no details were shared.

“Now that she’s live, players have found the Nanoswarm to be the most powerful tool in her arsenal but (we) believe that we have the right tuning levers to make it feel fair. We have a couple tweaks coming next patch that should make playing against them feel a lot more reasonable," the dev said.

The immediate solution is to think about a reduction in the damage output of Killjoy's abilities, but perhaps Riot has something up their sleeves with a little bit more nuanced than simply tuning damage values across the board.

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