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Valorant fan creates incredible Quantum Agent, and players love it

The reality-distorting rogue would prove a tricky customer if he ever made it into the game.
Valorant fan creates incredible Quantum Agent, and players love it

It goes without saying that Agents, with their arsenal of unique abilities, are an integral part of the Valorant experience and are what separates it from CS:GO.

The game now has 13 agents, with the most recent being Killjoy, an agent that has again raised fears, that started with the introduction of Raze, that abilities would, unlike the developers' initial protestations deal enough damage to kill.

Valorant 14th agent Quantum Raze
Raze's introduction caused some to question Riot's vision for the game. (Picture: Riot Games)

That, coupled with the announcement that Riot plans to release six agents a year, has left many wondering what direction and how unique each Agent could realistically be.

It's a thought that has clearly played on the mind of one fan of the game, who went out of his way to design a new shape-shifting, reality-bending Agent that has the Valorant community clamouring for its inclusion into the game.

Designed by Reddit user DewyOtter the attention to detail that has gone into the Agent's graphics, which include an Agent title card, ability sheet, and representation of the Agent's abilities in-game, you would be forgiven for thinking these came from Riot themselves.

The Agent, who goes by the name Quantum, is described as creating "opportunity through bringing uncertainty on the battlefield."

Valorant Quantam 14th agent next agent in Valorant
(Picture: DewyOtter)

"Forcing caution through his presence, capitalising on carelessness in the heat of engagements is Quantum's modus operandi," reads his bio.

Like the Agent's that have come before him he has four abilities; Paradox, Rift, Dimensional Tear, and Tunneling.

Valorant quantam agent abilities paradox rift dimensional tear tunneling
Quantum's abilities. (Picture: DewyOtter)

His abilities allow him to do some very unique things and would fit perfectly into Riot's stated aim of creating Agents with "roster impact".

Paradox allows the player to create a stationary or moving decoy to act as a distraction. DewyOtter would go on to say that the decoy would have 1HP, and an audio cue when deployed.

Rift is similar in some ways to Phenoix's Ultimate "Walk Back", though longer-lasting and no second life. Rift can be destroyed.

Dimensional Tear allows a player to create a triangular smokescreen that lasts 12 seconds. Think Viper screens crossed with Brimstone's smokes.

Quantam Paradox Dimensional Tear
Quantum's Paradox (top) and Dimensional Tear (bottom) (Picture: DewyOtter)

The ability that undoubtedly got players talking about most was his Ultimate - Tunneling - which would allow Quantum to open up a passage that Agents, bullets and abilities could pass through.

Valorant Quantam Tunneling
Quantum's Tunneling ability in action. (Picture: DewyOtter)

The reception of the design was overwhelmingly positive, with any criticisms reserved for the potential of Tunnelling to be OP, with some suggesting making it a window that can't teleport players but just vision and bullets, reducing the time it is effective (DewyOtter designed it as 30 seconds), and making it one-way reducing its impact to create insane rotational plays.

So fleshed out was the design that players began considering how the Agent would mix up the meta with some suggesting that the Agent would just be flat-out overpowered.

Overpowered Agents aren't exactly a situation that Riot is frightened of,  with the aforementioned design philosophy is to introduce Agents that are not only unique in their abilities but that some players love and some players hate, forcing changes in strategy and the competitive meta.

Riot has yet to comment on the design, perhaps something like this is already in the works, those that would like to see Quantum introduced to the game could be in luck though, League of Legends, Riot's MOBA has taken players' character designs and brought them to life in the game.