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Riot Games hopes Valorant launch will be “small bright spot during a dark time” as new trailers release

Valorant has officially launched around the world, with Riot Games releasing a cinematic trailer to mark the occasion while addressing the Black Lives Matter protests in the US.
Riot Games hopes Valorant launch will be “small bright spot during a dark time” as new trailers release

Riot Games has officially launched Valorant around the world, as players in America now have access to download the full title. 

Valorant was made available to some players through a closed beta which started back in April, with the tactical first-person shooter now available to everyone with an additional Ascent map, new Agent Reyna and a new mode

In a blog post, Riot Games marked Valorant’s release by acknowledging the circumstances around its launch - namely the escalating situation in the US over the Black Lives Matter protests. 

“It’s been a difficult past few days on top of an already challenging year,” the post reads. “The Africa American community is in immense pain, protests for change are happening all across the US, and this is taking place on top of the difficulties posed by a global pandemic. 

Valorant Reyna
Reyna is the new Agent in Valorant (Picture: Riot Games)


“The days are tense and draining, and we all feel it.”

“Amidst everything that’s happening, our dedication to you remains strong. It’s the fabric that binds all of us together, and if we can build on the things that unite us, we can weather any difficulty around us.

“So, despite the challenges we are facing in the US and across the globe right now, we want you to have the chance to come together and create positive memories in the midst of all that is weighing on us.”

They added: “We hope Valorant will be a small bright spot for you during an otherwise dark time.”


The protests in the US have caused the delays of many planned gaming events this week in solidarity, including the next season of Call of Duty and Sony’s planned PlayStation 5 conference. 

As Valorant has launched worldwide, Riot Games also released a new cinematic trailer for Valorant - packing the huge production values the company is known for with League of Legends. 

Another trailer was also released showing the new Ascent map, which you can check out below.