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Riot suspends pro Valorant players from VCT for match-fixing

Following an investigation, Riot Games have suspended Valorant players from the 2020 Resurgence roster for match-fixing and betting.
Developer Riot Games has been investigating a match between Valorant teams Resurgence and BlackBird Ignus which took place during the Valorant Ignition Series back on 22nd September 2020. In an update posted by Riot Games, the developer has now ruled that two players from the Resurgence roster are in violation of rules 7.2.1 and 7.2.4 of the Valorant Global Competition Policy. These policies relate to match-fixing and gambling. Here's what you need to know about this serious turn of events.

Valorant match-fixing and betting findings

The aforementioned Resurgence vs BlackBird Ignis match ended 2-0 in the favour of BlackBird. Once Riot Games became aware of allegations of match-fixing against the former Resurgence members, they launched an investigation.

In short, Riot Games' investigation found that both Malcolm "Germsg" Chung and Ryan "Dreamycsgo" Tan were involved in match-fixing and gambling-related offences, violating rules 7.2.1 and 7.2.4.

Valorant pro players suspended banned VCT resurgence roster match fixing gambling riot games investigation(Picture: Riot Games)

The developer explains: "Riot’s investigation found that Malcolm 'Germsg' Chung and Ryan 'Dreamycsgo' Tan coordinated to bet against their own team, Resurgence. Germsg initiated the scheme and Dreamycsgo provided the capital. Germsg then informed the rest of the Resurgence roster about his bet.

"Riot found that the rest of Resurgence’s roster did not want to throw the match, but purposefully concealed the issue from their management and VALORANT Esports officials because they were concerned about penalties and risking their contracts with Resurgence."

After the match, the two individuals in question tried to pay off the other players on Resurgence. The other players rejected this offer and the team disbanded a month later.

Now, for the suspension details, which also includes the other players on the roster.

Former Resurgence players suspended from VCT

Riot has suspended all the players on the former Resurgence roster from competing in the Valorant Championship Tour (VCT).

First up,  Malcolm "Germsg" Chung and Ryan "Dreamycsgo" Tan are banned from VCT for 36 months. 

Riot explains: "The ban is considered to have begun with the original suspension date on 22 April 2021. They will be eligible to return to VALORANT in April 2024."

Valorant pro players suspended banned VCT resurgence roster match fixing gambling riot games investigation(Picture: Riot Games)

The rest of the former Resurgence roster, as you can see from the image above, has also been suspended. This is due to them being aware of the situation and not informing the tournament organizers and Riot Games about the matter.

Some have received shorter suspensions from the VCT than others. Riot explains that "the severity of these penalties were reduced for individuals based on the level of culpability and their cooperation with the VALORANT Esports investigation."

It goes without saying that match-fixing and betting on your own team to lose has no place in pro Valorant esports. It is great to see Riot Games take action against individuals who have broken the rules following an investigation that lasted for months.

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