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Sentinels tease in-game regional champions posters after Masters win

The reigning regional champions commemorated in banners across North American servers? It's a little complicated than that.
Sentinels tease in-game regional champions posters after Masters win

Only two days after their Masters championship win sweeping FaZe Clan, the North American organisation posted to Twitter really convincing screen grabs of what seemed to be in-game billboards, banners and posters commemorating the title.

With the caption “New update. Never looked better”, we ought to believe the words that come out of the champions’ mouth, right? Wrong.

Mere minutes later, Sentinels took back their words replying to their original tweet stating that “these aren’t in-game”, only to tease the @ValorantEsports Twitter account asking for the banners to become a real thing.

(Picture: Riot Games)
(Picture: Riot Games)

While the announcement did break hearts all over Twitter, it definitely isn’t as easy as just designing two or three formats and upload them to the ever-changing banners' placeholder.

The esports scene is a fast-paced one, to say the least, and although the promotional spaces such as banners, posters, billboards and such all across gaming titles are used for real-life sponsors or in-game advertising, there are many factors that weigh in even if it's to add a few graphics here or there.

We would love to see something like this implemented in our favourite titles, especially to commemorate professional esport athletes putting in the hours, sweat and tears for our entertainment -- but maybe on an S-tier level tournament for an S-tier level champion.

Regional-exclusive updates can turn problematic, but who knows? This whole stirring-of-the-pot could very well have been a ruse all along.

Is this a strategy from Sentinels to pressure Valorant into the banner update or just a clout move between the two parties for an already built feature?

Whatever it is, make sure to stay tuned as we will update you as the situation develops.