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Sergio Agüero pops off after KRÜ's victory over Fnatic

The owner and CEO of the team went mad as his team pulled off biggest Cinderella story in Valorant history.
Sergio Agüero pops off after KRÜ's victory over Fnatic

The greatest underdog story in Valorant continues as KRÜ proved that beating Sentinels at Champions Berlin was no fluke by eliminating Fnatic in the quarterfinals. 

Being the sole representative of what's described as a "minor region" like Latin America, KRÜ has quickly established themselves as the best team in the Americas (Brazil and NA included), and at Champions, an argument can be made that they're now one of the best in the world.

Backed by Manchester City legend Sergio "Kun" Agüero, KRÜ has made sure talented stars like Angelo "keznit" Mori or Nicolas "Klaus" Ferrari have all the right tools to compete with any perceived tier 1 roster.

keznit kru
Keznit popped off against Fnatic. (Picture: Riot Games/Getty Images)

A passionate competitor himself, Kun, who was officialised as a Valorant Champions co-streamer by Riot days prior to the event, couldn't contain his emotions during the Fnatic matchup. From nervous pacing, constant cussing, and unfathomable happiness, Agüero experienced the joy of being "one of us," just another fan rooting for his favourite team.

As the match went to map three, Split, with the score favouring KRÜ 12-8, a quick engagement left Roberto "Mazino" Rivas in a 1v1 against Fnatic's Domagoj "Doma" Fancev. The outcome of it didn't matter, as the clock was run down by KRÜ making it impossible for Doma to defuse.

KRÜ's Cinderella story continues. (Picture: Riot Games/Getty Images)

Still, Mazino secured the kill to give KRÜ an emphatic victory. Agüero, holding his breath, finally revelled in his team's success, almost as if he scored a game-winner for Barcelona, his current club.

Once cooled down, Agüero thanked fans for their support during this historic run at Champions: "Thank you so much for supporting KRÜ, still alive. What KRÜ achieved for Latin America is crazy. I appreciate the support through the bad times, which we've had.

"Everything I do, and the staff, designers, marketing, helping the boys. We're a new club, everything the boys need, we give them. It's a group effort, and obviously, the boys are doing their best and I have no words to describe it. See you in the semifinals."

KRÜ will play against Gambit Esports on 11th December, with the winner taking on either Team Liquid or Acend in the finals. 

Enjoy Valorant Champions, and remember to check back with us for all the latest Valorant news and guides!

Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.