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Shroud offers up idea for Valorant Agent to combat Operator, suggests price increase

The FPS God believes changes to the Operator, and more ways to combat them is crucial for the success of the game
Shroud offers up idea for Valorant Agent to combat Operator, suggests price increase

Balancing a game like Valorant can be a daunting task, and regardless of what changes Riot Games decides to implement, a portion of the fanbase will be against it.

For Twitch streamer, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek, the tactical shooter is a little too easy thanks to the developers trying to be welcoming to newer players, affecting the ways to counterplay weapons like the Operator, a sniper he already claims doesn't belong in Valorant.

Shroud feels that operators have become so powerful in the game because not only do most Agents not have a flash ability, but the ones in the game are "scuffed".

"If you're oping a certain angle and a Phoenix or Breach flashes, chances are you can sidestep and step back in like nothing happened," Shroud explained in his latest YouTube video.

The 24-year-old added that, since Riot wants to make Valorant easy for everyone, utility like pop flashes won't make their way to the game.

"They don't want pop flashes in the game because it would make it a little more skilful. They want to make the game easy for everyone, so when they introduce a character they want the character to be relatively easy to play."

The FPS God eventually revealed his idea for an Agent that equipped to deal with the Op in different circumstances, taking inspiration from Jett's Cloudburst ability.

"They should have a character than can do flashes like that (Cloudburst) because if you really want to flush out an Oper, you can perfectly pop a flash and they're not gonna see that sh*t."

Shroud also feels that increasing the price of the Operator, from 4500 to 5500, would make teams think twice about purchasing the all-powerful sniper on a broken-buy, while also rubbishing the idea the developers should make teams unable to run two or more Operators.

Shroud operator new agent pop flashes
Shroud believes the Operator should be more expensive to combat its prevalence in the game. (Picture: Riot Games)

He also had some suggestions for a revamp of the Radiant rank, currently, players have nothing to play for once it is achieved, prompting players to create smurf accounts simply to have another goal. Shroud believes removing the 150 player limit on the top rank while also displaying their MMR will give players something to strive for.

On that last point shroud may be in luck, Riot has stated they plan to have another look at the rank system.