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Shroud's Still Got It, Lands Triple Wallbang In Valorant

Shroud lands the most insane triple wallbang kill in a matter of seconds as Sage in Valorant, and this is why he is with Sentinels today.
Shroud's Still Got It, Lands Triple Wallbang In Valorant

Streamer and recently announced professional player, shroud, blows viewers’ minds as he scores an insane triple kill in Valorant as Sage.

Shroud’s known for precise movement, impeccable hand-to-eye coordination, and possibly the fastest reaction time among almost every professional player. 

But in his recent Twitch live stream, it seems shroud also possesses phenomenal senses besides his superhuman abilities as he triple wallbangs all remaining enemies while playing as Sage in an Icebox match.

Shroud Lands Insane Triple Wallbang In Valorant

shroud, Valorant, Icebox, Sage, wallbang
Shroud recently joined Sentinels as their newest controller player. (Picture: Riot Games)

Shroud’s known to hit his shots in the craziest ways. But it’s one thing to shoot someone in your point of view, and another to guess where an enemy is behind an obstruction, and then eliminate them.

In shroud’s recent stream on 11th July 2022, the professional player proves he’s never lost his spark in games by pulling off one of the nuttiest wallbangs in Valorant.

With shroud’s team in the lead at a score of 9-7 and the streamer playing Sage, he holds top A site using a Vandal. While defending, shroud tries to strafe and shoot the opposing Sova and Jett approaching outside of the bombsite from screens. 

Sage in Icebox.
Shroud ended up being MVP in the game he scored three perfect wallbangs. (Picture: Riot Games)

He doesn’t land the pixel-perfect shot, so instead of re-peeking a heavy-watched area, instead the streamer just wallbangs. Without a doubt in his mind, he lines up the corridor near screens, and fires away. After two magazines worth of bullets, he takes down Sova and Jett.

During the crossfire, the opposing Chamber fires near heaven corridor, alerting shroud of his whereabouts. Once he killed Jett, shroud instantly turned and angled directly toward heaven’s doors and wallbanged Chamber.

Not once, or twice, but three times did shroud wallbang perfectly. He ended up winning the team’s tenth round. And later won the game as MVP on Icebox with a group score of 13-10, and a personal KDA of 23/14/16 as Sage.

Everyone knows shroud to be a beast at first-person shooters. You could practically throw him any gun, and he’d manage to win the game, all in style. With the streamer’s recent announcement regarding his reentry into esports as the newest Valorant controller player for Sentinels, it shows shroud’s still got what it takes. 

If you’d like to follow more of his gameplay and reminisce the grand old days of his CS:GO legacy, shroud will be playing with Sentinels at the North American Last Chance Qualifier 2022 in August.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games and shroud.