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Former CSGO Pro Shroud Joins Sentinels Valorant Roster

Former CSGO professional player Michael "shroud" Grzesiek has officially joined Sentinel's Valorant team to compete professionally again.
Former CSGO Pro Shroud Joins Sentinels Valorant Roster

It’s a fantastic time to be alive in esports. Finally, after what feels like a century, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek is back in the competitive limelight; and in the most spontaneous of ways too. On 8th July 2022, Sentinels revealed a new star joining the ranks of the esports organization. Former CS:GO professional player and streaming legend, Shroud, joins Sentinels as the latest player on its official Valorant esports roster. 

Ex-CSGO Pro Shroud Newest Sentinels Valorant Player

Shroud Joins Sentinels Valorant Roster
Shroud was one of the best CS:GO professional players of his time. (Picture: Shroud)

It’s hard not to know who Shroud is in the gaming and esports scene. Most people know him as a famous Twitch streamer with godlike reflexes and the vision of a hawk. However, others know Shroud to be the legend behind Counter-Strike’s craziest shots and almost unbelievable professional match turnarounds.

After playing Counter-Strike for several years, Shroud resigned from the esports scene in 2018. Since then, he’s been streaming and playing various games while growing his brand online. 

Now, the once-professional esports player reemerges into the competitive field as North American esports organization Sentinels announces his place in its Valorant roster. Sentinel revealed the acquisition through a video on its Twitter account on 8th July 2022.

Shroud will take the controller role in Sentinel’s Valorant team, and he’ll most likely replace SiCK. Shroud will compete alongside the roster at the North American VCT Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ). Although he confirmed on stream, ShahZam remains the in-game leader.

Sentinels' newest player also talked a bit more about the decision to join the organization and play competitively again.

Shroud and bnans
Shroud used to play professionally for Cloud9. (Picture: Shroud)

In another video posted much earlier, which took the world by storm, Shroud says the signing was a “spur of the moment” instance happening over dinner. Sentinel asked if he wanted to join, considering the team needed a fifth, and he gladly obliged.

Following his return, Shroud talked about his motive for entering Valorant esports; he stated, “the main question would be, ‘am I going to try?’ Of course, I’m going to try. I’m not going to commit to this LCQ half-assed. I’m going to go to boot camp, play Valorant every day, I'm going to be watching demos [and] studying my team.”

Generally, Shroud wants to do his best and seems excited to play competitively again. However, he also jokingly assured fans he’ll be leaving his house to join the boot camp, considering the streamer spends most of his time content creating.

With Tenz, the Jett main, former CS:GO player ShahZam as IGL, and the swift, but precise Omen use-and-abuse legend, Shroud on Sentinels' Valorant team, LCQ should practically be a breeze. However, nothing's cemented yet.

You can tune into their progress as a team in August 2022 as they try to pass through the Qualifiers.

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Featured image courtesy of Sentinels.