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Jordan Fisher Joins Complexity Gaming As Content Creator

Multitalented American artist Jordan Fisher has joined premier esports organization Complexity Gaming as a content creator.
Jordan Fisher Joins Complexity Gaming As Content Creator

Esports organizations signing celebrities, musicians, or even rappers have become an apparent standard suit across the industry. The latest news regarding Jordan Fisher adds to the expansive wave of talent crashing into esports from other industry sectors.

On 8th July 2022, actor, musician, and lifelong gamer, Jordan Fisher, alongside, North American esports organization, Complexity Gaming, announced the signing of the talented multimedia star to join the ranks of GameSquare esports as an official content creator.

Jordan Fisher Joins Complexity Gaming

Jordan Fisher joins Complexity Gaming
Jordan Fisher has joined Complexity Gaming as a content creator. (Picture: Complexity Gaming / Jordan Fisher)

As a part of Complexity, Jordan will host and participate in gaming events, continue to craft engaging content, and collaborate with the organization’s caste of diverse talent, including Complexity Stars athletes.

The multimedia celebrity will also tap the intersectionality of entertainment and gaming to develop his brand and reach the next generation of young, digitality-savvy consumers as he continues to expand his digital footprint in gaming. 

Jordan Fisher merchandise with Complexity Gaming.
Jordan Fisher and Complexity Gaming are selling exclusive merchandise on 8th July 2022. (Picture: Complexity Gaming / Jordan Fisher)

Jordan joins the ranks of other content creators across Complexity, including Cloakzy and TimTheTatman. This latest announcement follows the trend of stars across different industries making their way into esports and gaming.

To celebrate the signing, Jordan and Complexity launched an exclusive merchandise drop titled “Home of Heroes,” inspired by Japanese manga artist Tai Aoki, available from 8th July 2022. The merchandise includes t-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, mouse pads, and posters. 

Jordan also posted a video on Twitter featuring some of the clothing products fans can purchase and a small look into the production and photoshoot behind it.

In a press release, Jordan expressed his excitement to hop deeper into the esports industry as an avid gamer and streamer.

“As a lifelong gamer, and a creative, I am consistently impressed by the commitment Complexity and GameSquare have both to their fans and to the quality of their content,” he said.

“With the organization’s storied history, world-class facilities, and diverse roster of talent, I’m confident that partnering with the organization will uniquely allow me to elevate all aspects of my content, Complexity’s engagement, and reach more fans than ever.”

Jordan Fisher poses for a picture.
Jordan Fisher has featured in movies, written and sang songs, and appeared on live television. (Picture: Complexity Gaming / Jordan Fisher)

In response, GameSquare CEO, and parent company head of Complexity, Justin Kenna, stated, “With his unparalleled talent and innovative approach to content creation, the addition of Fisher strengthens Complexity’s portfolio of distinguished talent and broadens the organization’s appeal to new audiences.” 

Justin also talked about how their partnership ensures both Complexity and GameSquare’s climb as a world-recognized esports entity that goes far and beyond with traditional entertainment and gaming continuing to converge.

Funnily, this announcement isn’t the first major collab for Jordan and Complexity. The esports organization first welcomed Jordan to the GameSquare family of companies through his role at its creative content studio, Forth Frame Studios.

Jordan served as a creative advisor for Original IP Development, merging his passion for gaming and expertise in entertainment to create content across traditional mediums and streaming platforms.

Jordan can do much more now as the newest content creator on Complexity's board of talent. Feel free to check out the merchandise collaboration on its official website.

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Featured image courtesy of Jordan Fisher and Complexity Gaming.