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Shroud thinks Valorant is much easier than CS:GO

The famous Mixer star and ex-CS:GO pro, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, explains why Valorant is easier than CS:GO.
Shroud thinks Valorant is much easier than CS:GO

It didn't take all too long for Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek to drop his verdict on how Valorant compares to CS:GO. Shroud has explained in a recent Mixer stream why he thinks Valorant is much easier than CS:GO.


Shroud on Valorant compared to CS:GO

In a recent stream, Shroud compared Valorant and CS:GO, noting how the skill ceiling and the potential in Valorant is a lot lower than in CS:GO. Riot Games' FPS, according to Shroud, is trying to reach people that don’t play shooters.

Even though great aim, map knowledge and movement do get rewarded in Valorant, it is the Agent abilities which "make it easier for people to play" according to Shroud.

The crucial difference comes down to abilities, and how much easier it is to pull something off, such as a well-placed some in Valorant compared to CS:GO. 



Shroud explains: "It's obvious enough when you play Brimstone or you play Omen. You push one button and you get this whole view." You then choose where to smoke, activating it on any part of the map.

This type of scenario is exactly why Valorant is easier than CS:GO. Shroud explains: "That right there can show you how the game is kinda dumbed down to make those lesser players be at the top faster."

For anyone who thinks Shroud doesn't know what he is talking about anymore. Just check out the Valorant clip he shared on Twitter below.



Shroud continues by staying this is the goal of Valorant, to give players a much easier FPS experience, and how the abilities are there to "dumb it down".

Even though Shroud believes Valorant does have a lower skill ceiling than CS:GO, he still loves the game, and thinks it will be around for a very long time.


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