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Sinatraa claims to make as much money in Valorant as he did in Overwatch League

The former San Francisco Shock and current Sentinels player isn't worried about paychecks at the moment.
Sinatraa claims to make as much money in Valorant as he did in Overwatch League

Jay "Sinatraa" Won holds a very curious distinction in Overwatch League's history, as the now-retired MVP is the only player that got his contract leaked before the start of Season 1, reportedly earning around $150,000 per year, with many fans and analysts speculating he was amongst the highest-paid commodities in the scene.

Saying goodbye to that amount of money would be understandably hard for a lot of people, but not for Sinatraa. In fact, according to an interview with Forbes, moving to Valorant hasn't had almost any impact in terms of income.


Sinatraa earnings in Valorant Sentinel
(Credit:  Blizzard Entertainment)

“I’ll say the salary is lower in Valorant, but it evens out with the amazing sponsors I get, that I couldn’t get in OWL due to restrictions,” Won explained.


This makes sense as the current esports ecosystem around Riot Games' tactical shooter has more in common with grassroots competitions than a franchise-based endeavour. As such, Blizzard regulates heavily what type of sponsorships teams (and specifically).

In the first "Players Streaming Policy" document leaked in 2018, Blizzard prohibits players to accept endorsements from porn, tobacco, gambling, cannabis, and non-Blizzard games. Other restrictions include the inability to stream while any Overwatch League broadcast is on.

Sinatraa's Sentinels career has been off to a decent start, as they have consistently made Top 8 at every Ignition Series event, going as far as placing third at the Pulse Invitational.



If you want to see the former OWL MVP in action with his new squad, check out everything you need to know about the PAX Arena Invitational, where Sentinels is sure to make waves.