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Team Liquid's nitr0 planning move to Valorant from CS:GO, according to reports

Team Liquid's former CS:GO captain Nick "nitr0" Cannella is reportedly set to go professional in Valorant, with a number of orgs ready to pick up the CS:GO star.
Team Liquid's nitr0 planning move to Valorant from CS:GO, according to reports

It looks like nitr0's time as a CS:GO pro is over, after five successful years at Team Liquid, many as captain, he is off the starting roster and according to ESPN, he is looking to transition to Valorant.

Nitr0 valorant
(Picture: ESL)

The 24-year-old's CS:GO career reached its pinnacle in the first half of 2019 when a nitr0 led Team Liquid dominated the competitive scene, winning the IEM Grand Slam in 2019 and eventually six S-tier tournaments throughout that year.

Teams have already reached out to Nitr0, and while he is still technically under contract with Team Liquid, reports state he has already been in contact with a number of North American based orgs. One org he very likely won't be turning out for though is Team Liquid, who recently picked up the European fish123 roster.

It is also interesting to note that nitr0 recently signed to Prodigy Agency, an esport focused talent agency that boasts a number of CS:GO and Valorant players including Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom who recently signed for aforementioned Team Liquid roster and Oscar "mixwell" Cañellas Colocho who joined up with G2 Esports.

Nitr0's move isn't exactly a surprise even if he has claimed in the past that "CS has better...gameplay", he has been streaming Valorant since it's release regularly appearing alongside another CS:GO turned Valorant pro, Braxton "brax" Pierce of T1 with brax even suggesting in Nitr0's "retirement" tweet that, "Valorant welcomes you with open arms".

If he does move over he would be the most high-profile CS:GO pro to switch to date, brax is another notable name but he had found his career in CS:GO stunted by his ban for match-fixing when he was just 16. Hiko also made the switch but had been inactive for over a year after leaving Rogue in March 2019, before he was headhunted for 100 Thieves.

Nitr0 last made an appearance for Team Liquid in an official capacity in the North American cs_summit tournament in July, when they finished 3rd.