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This could be how a game of Valorant ends if a hacker is detected

Riot wants to assure players that it takes cheating very seriously.
This could be how a game of Valorant ends if a hacker is detected

One of the biggest issues popular competitive multiplayer games have is cheating. No matter how good are anti-cheating mechanics, hackers will always find ways to create more hacks and cheats. From aimbots to world hacks, cheating is as old as online games themself, and it's something companies are fighting hard to get rid of.

And Riot Games is no different.

Last month they introduced their new any-cheat system, which will be implemented in both League of Legends and Valorant, Riot's class-based tactical shooter, which will be released this summer. That anti-cheat system sparked some controversy among concerned players, due to the fact that it gives Riot access to your computer's kernel using a 'kernel driver,' about which you can read more in our article.

Controversy aside, this does look like an efficient way of fighting against cheats, as it sees every little suspicious thing that is happening on your computer while you are playing the game, allowing it to catch questionable actions with high certainty, and then quickly initiate countermeasures and sanctions.

This weekend Redditor Allnferreira shared the "Hacker Detected" image with fans (made by ALNEUH), which could be shown on the screen when the game was stopped and interrupted because someone is using cheats. As you can see on the screen, the message is clear, and none will be hurt by the situation, except for the cheater himself. Though, some players are suggesting "a small XP amount" to be added for the rest of the players, in order not to be too annoying, and to bypass the feeling of "wasted time".

Riot has been slowly showing new stuff from the game these past few weeks, and a little bit earlier this weekend, we show a teaser trailer for the game's sniper class, a Russian named Sova.