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Valorant Act II Battle Pass: Skins, Cost, Player Cards, Sprays, Gun Buddies and more

Here's everything you need to know about the Valorant's Episode 1 Act II battle pass including skins, cost, time to complete and other cosmetics
Valorant Act II Battle Pass: Skins, Cost, Player Cards, Sprays, Gun Buddies and more

A new Act means a new Valorant Battle Pass, including a whole new set of skins, gun buddies, player cards, and more cosmetics for players to grind.

Valorant battle pass act 2
(Picture: Riot Games)

Just like the previous season, Act 2's Battle Pass will run for around two months, plenty of time to let players get all rewards included, he's the rundown of everything you need to know.

How much does the Valorant Act 2 Battle Pass cost?

Valorant Act 2 Battle Pass, Valorant ACT II battle pass

Just like the last Battle Pass, this season's will cost 1,000 VP ($10). Players that decide not to spend money on it will still get a limited set of rewards for free. The battle pass will contain 10 "chapters", three skin collections and a host of other goodies. Players will also be able to unlock at least 100 radianite points.

Not included in the collection is the latest premium bundle the Glitchpop! collection, which ties in aesthetically with the new KIlljoy agent and costs upwards of £80.

Individual tiers can be purchased for 300 VP.

How long does it take to complete the battle pass?

In a previous interview, Riot dev's stated that the Battle Pass will take players roughly 100 hours to complete. Taking into account each pass is available for up to two months, Valorant players will have to play 1.6 hours on average per day to finish it.Episode 1 Act II Battle Pass Skins

At the moment, the specific skin designs included in the Battle Pass have not been revealed. Thanks to an interview with Sean Marino, art lead on Valorant, we know Riot plans to add more variety to the Battle Pass compared to last season.

“It should feel like lots of value for the $10 price point. For the Act II pass, we decided to look a lot more at how the community responded to the quality of the Act I content. Which cosmetics made players the most happy? What do they want to see more of? Did players feel like there was enough variety for them to express themselves? We tried to include some stuff the community had asked for, add more variety (less food-related buddies), create more fun buddies, and build off some of the Act I content.”

There will three separate skin collections as part of the Act 2 battle pass.

Exo Skin Collection

Valorant battle pass 2 skins exo collection
(Picture: Riot Games)

Valorant Episode 1 Act II Player Cards

Valorant Battle pass act II player cards
(Picture: Riot Games)

Valorant Episode 1 Act II Sprays

Spray cards for Battle Pass II
(Picture: Riot Games)