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Valorant Act 3 Battle Pass Epilogue: Rewards, tiers, cost

Dedicated Valorant players received good news from Riot Games as the devs have revealed the Battle Pass Epilogue, a new set of free rewards for players to collect.
Valorant Act 3 Battle Pass Epilogue: Rewards, tiers, cost

Hardcore Valorant fans will have more than enough time to spare to collect every single reward the Act III Battle Pass has to offer, and Riot Games has taken notice of this by adding what they're calling the Battlepass Epilogue.


This special tier will become available to those that officially complete all the regular tiers of the normal Battle Pass and will include some sweet rewards that can only be obtained with XP, meaning you can't buy the tier like you can with the regular BP using VP.

So what's in the Battle Pass Epilogue? Let's take a look down at the rewards below.

Valorant Battle Pass Epilogue - Rewards

The rewards for players that want to go above and beyond are quite straightforward, as they'll be getting a Gun Buddy, a Player Card, and Radianite Points. Here's a specific breakdown.

  • Gold Discotech Gun Buddy 
  • Gold Versus // Vandal + Phantom Player Card 
  • 30 Radianite points

Valorant Battle pass epilogue
(Photo: @Valorleaks)

Valorant Battle Pass Epilogue - Cost

As stated, there's no price to pay for the Battle Pass Epilogue, whether you complete the free or premium tiers of the regular BP, you'll get access to these extra rewards.

Keep in mind that you can't spend VP on the Epilogue, and need to grind it out the old fashioned way.

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