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Valorant: Sage Agent Guide - Abilities, Strategies, Tips & Tricks and Lore

The Chinese Agent is looking to be a powerful healer with a lot of potential for damage output in Riot's first venture into the FPS genre.
Valorant: Sage Agent Guide - Abilities, Strategies, Tips & Tricks and Lore

Valorant is now in it's closed beta and that means more hands-on time with each of the agents. Each of the Valorant agents has unique abilities, and knowing these abilities like the back of your hand will help you succeed in Riot's new tactical shooter.

One of the defining aspects will be the new Agent characters, who much like Overwatch, possess different abilities and strengths in combat.

One of those said Agents is Sage, whose healing capabilities are complemented with interesting crowd control abilities that'll make her a very unique character in Riot's FPS, which is aching to be a combination of CS:GO and Overwatch in terms of gameplay, and character design.

The Chinese Agent is the first proper healer we've seen gameplay from, after the reveals of Phoenix, Viper, and SOVA. Fans of Overwatch will immediately be familiar with her abilities, as she's looking like a combination of both Mei and Mercy, with a bit of Zenyatta in the mix.


Sage Abilities Guide
Sage Abilities Guide Agent Guide for Sage

The healer, like all other revealed Valorant Agents, has two Basic, one Signature, and one Ultimate ability.

Signature ability:

  • Healing Orb - Sage will cast a small orb around either a teammate or herself, allowing for full HP recovery lasting a few seconds

Purchasable abilities:

  • Slow Orb - Sage casts an orb that will explode upon hitting the ground. This will then expand and every enemy that sits inside the radius of the impact will get slowed down, grounded, and will make noise in case they have stealth abilities. 
  • Barrier Orb - Another ability similar to that of Mei's kit in Overwatch, the barrier orb works very similarly to the Ice Wall, with Sage casting a wall that can be rotated and used either defensively or offensively as shown in the video. 

Ultimate ability:

  • Resurrection - As the name suggests, you can revive a dead ally with her ultimate ability. Just like Mercy's own resurrection, Sage will have a short delay before getting the rez, potentially being left wide open for the enemy team.

Sage Tips and Tricks



Sage's Lore

While little is known from Sage, other than the fact she a healer that hails from China, Healers aren't typically characters in which players can shine by wiping the enemy team, and the first thing Sage does is exactly just that, utilizing the offensive tools in her kit to take down three enemies while stating: "I am not just your healer."

Riot could possibly tap into the heritage of the Valorant cast and as a Chinese representative, Sage is sure to have a very rich backstory behind her motivations and personality.


Valorant will launch with ten Agents right from the start, with further five releasing via a Battle Pass style system.