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Valorant anti-cheat goes rogue; users reporting mass kicks

Users are reporting that they are getting repeatedly kicked from games.
The Vanguard anti-cheat has proved controversial at best, with the gaming community at large unhappy with its intrusive nature, and reports of it inadvertently disabling drivers for peripherals and even CPU fans.

Now there seems to be a wide-ranging issue that is causing players to be kicked out the game repeatedly and for no apparent reason.

Players affected are reporting seeing a message that reads:


Vanguard Anti-Cheat has encountered an error. Please relaunch the client to restore anti-cheat function."


Vanguard anti-cheat kicking people from game Vanguard anti-cheat has encountered an error. Please relaunch the client to restore anti-cheat function.
This issue is just one in a number of problems that have plagued Riot's new anti-cheat software (Picture: Riot Games)


The problem seems to be widespread with players reporting it across all regions. While the error is not followed by a ban and players can rejoin their current match some are finding they are kicked out time and time again.

A thread in the Valorant subreddit had over 250 comments in just an hour suggesting that the problem is affecting a substantial number of users.



One user said that while his team was repeatedly being DCed the opposing team was having no issues at all leading him to believe it may be a new exploit in the game.


Riot have a tendency to reply directly to users issues in the Valorant subreddit but as of yet no comment has been forthcoming, however, there is a chance that they already know about the issue as an hour again they announced that the update would be arriving tomorrow, with the servers due to go down for maintenance.



There has been no prior mention of this update or what it contains so it may well be a hotfix for this issue.

At this time there seems to be no fix for what is proving to be a game-breaking bug/exploit in the game, we suggest you stay away from ranked mode if you don't wish to roll the dice with Vanguard's latest misstep.