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Valorant beta account sellers and botters banned by Riot

Riot isn't wasting any time, banning Valorant closed beta account sellers and botters just one day after the beta's release.
Everyone and their pet Viper are trying to get into the Valorant closed beta. Key drops are in short supply, with a small selection of streamers having beta key drops. This makes competing with Valorant beta account sellers and botters even more infuriating.

Thankfully, Riot Games is on top of developments, as the developer has banned a "pile" of Valorant closed beta botters and account sellers, as well as those who bought a beta account.

The beta only began yesterday, 8th April 2020, so it is great to see Riot Games jumping on Valorant closed beta account sellers and botters. The move was largely praised by fans on Twitter.

With this move, more spots in the Valorant closed beta has been freed up. Riot Games didn't specify how much "a pile" is exactly. Hopefully, more people will get in soon thanks to Riot acting so swiftly.

Riot is actively looking into account sellers, as well as view-botting. The developer is reportedly working with Twitch, with filters in place to distinguish viewers from bots.

These bots are clearly a big issue since they are affecting the experience of others, who actually love watching Valorant gameplay, and want to play the game themselves.

Riot announced the ban wave on 9th April at roughly 03:00 GMT. At the time of writing, it is unclear how much of an effect the move has had, and if another ban wave is incoming soon.

No specific number of bans have been revealed. Even so, one has to give Riot praise for jumping in, and taking care of these individuals quickly.

For those waiting on a Valorant closed beta key, we only have one thing to say: Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour.