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Valorant closed beta set to end on May 28 before launch of game

Fans will be without the game for six days before the official launch.
Valorant closed beta set to end on May 28 before launch of game

Sad news greeted the announcement of the official release date of Valorant, scheduled for 2nd June, with players being informed that the closed beta would end on the 28th May, meaning gamers will be unable to play their new favourite tactical shooter for six days before the official launch.



The six days off will give Riot developers time to make some finishing touches on the game, which on release they have promised to have another agent, map and game mode available for player's to get their teeth into.

There will also be a Battle Pass and new weapon skins available.


What will happen at the end of the closed beta?

Valorant release date closed beta ending
(Picture: Riot Games)


On May 28th the servers will go down and you will no longer be able to play Valorant, even offline modes like the practise range. 

Any progress in terms of rank and agent unlocks will be wiped, and you will have to unlock some of the agents again at when the game is officially launched on 2nd June. When the closed beta was launched, there was a total of nine Agents, with five unlocked from the outset, with Breach, Viper, and Omen all needing to be unlocked through gaining XP. The controversial Raze Agent was added a couple of weeks later.

Players will also have to unlock the various cosmetics like player cards, sprays and gunbuddies.


Gunbuddy Riot Games Valorant closed beta when does it end
Player's will have to unlock cosmetics like the gunbuddies again. (Picture: Riot Games)


Any weapon skins purchased will also not be available any more, with the Valorant points used, refunded, with an added bonus for those that purchased during the closed beta.


Valorant points bonus credit end of closed beta 28 may
Those that purchased Valorant Points during the closed beta will receive a bonus. (Picture: Riot Games)


For fans of the game, six days will feel like a lifetime, but hopefully, it will be just enough time to add some extra polish to a game that has already impressed with it's refined gunplay and tactical gameplay.