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Valorant release date announced for June 2 with new Agent, game mode and map

Riot Games has announced Valorant will be launching much sooner than expected, with a bunch of new additions too.
Riot Games has confirmed Valorant will fully launch on 2nd June 2020, with the closed beta ending on 28th May. 

In a Summer Game Fest presentation hosted by Geoff Keighley, developers from Riot Games confirmed Valorant’s full release date - with the game having been available in closed beta since 7th April. 

While they previously stated it was scheduled for a summer 2020 release, Riot explained how they always had 2nd June in mind despite the ongoing pandemic. 


To accomodate the full release, Riot are also adding new game servers so there's lower latency - with new servers in Dallas, Atlanta, London, Madrid, and Warsaw.

In what might disappoint many, the full launch of Valorant also means player ranks will be reset - so you'll have to grind your way back up again. 

The full release will also see the launch of the 11th Agent, described as a “little spicy”, along with another new map - rumoured to be the Venice map which has previously leaked.

They also teased how a second mode will be added to the title, which was described as a “shorter” mode designed to be played in-between matches.

Venice riot games Valorant release date June 2nd new map and gamemode
It seems like we're heading to Venice (Picture: Riot Games)


They ruled out the possibility of it being Team Deathmatch, stating it would allow you to "take a break from the high stress more competitive matches you play".

The launch on 2nd June will also see new weapon skins and the launch of a battle pass for the title. 

Valorant will launch 2nd June 2020 on PC.