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Valorant Community Mourns Death Of Content Creator Alana Tow

Valorant content creator Alana "alaanat" Tow has passed away. The community mourns her saddening death.
Valorant Community Mourns Death Of Content Creator Alana Tow

Valorant creator Alana “alanaat” Tow tragically died on 15th September 2022. The disheartening news comes after family and multiple close friends, including the organization that manages the content creator, Devour Future, revealed the untimely departure of Alana a few days ago. 

The content creator was an inspiring force in the Valorant community who streamed on Twitch and posted on TikTok and other social media platforms.

The cause of her passing is unknown, but Alana’s sister, Mikayla Tow, posted a GoFundMe page to raise money for her organization AllergyKidz to spread awareness about allergies, educate others, and create accessible resources for all. 

Valorant Content Creator Alana Tow Passes Away

valorant content creator alana tow passed away
Valorant content creator, Alana Tow, passed away on 15th September 2022.

Twitch streamers, the Valorant community, and Alana’s family, friends, and boyfriend mourn her death. Alana had a relatively large following across social media. She had 1.5k followers on Twitch, 2k on Twitter, over 6k on TikTok, and 700k likes across all her posts on the platform. Her impact on others' lives was tremendously positive too.

Alana’s GoFundMe fundraiser, which her family organized to spread awareness and continue her legacy through AllergyKidz, has currently surpassed its initial milestone of $10,000. There have been 858 donations and climbing, equaling over $52,000 raised. On this fundraiser page, Alana’s family described her life and the challenges she faced.

The content creator faced many struggles, including severe varying allergies. The fundraiser page stated that “Alana suffered from various allergies. She was allergic to eggs, nuts, shellfish, cats, dust mites, and many more."

valorant content creator alana tow positive force
Valorant content creator, Alana Tow, was a positive force in the community.

They added, "throughout her life, these allergies caused her to face difficulties: being sent to the hospital during overnight camp, being unable to eat when going out for food, carrying around an EpiPen in her backpack, and having to go to the ER due to the slightest bit of egg on her plate.”

Despite these allergies, she remained a confident and strong individual who always had a smile. XSET Head of Social Media, Nate Schanker, stated that Alana was “one of the most real, down-to-earth, and kindest” people they’ve ever met “through gaming.”

Other personalities like the popular streamer Kyedae Shymko, who Alana adored for the longest time, even paid her respects and posted her condolences for the extremely saddening passing of the content creator. 

As Alana’s family, friends, and followers slowly adapt and learn to live without her presence, there’s no doubt it will take some time.

Feel free to support Alana’s organization, AllergyKidz, by donating money or sharing the fundraiser to spread awareness about allergies and help those in need. Rest in peace, Alana.

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All featured images are courtesy of Instagram via Alana Tow.