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Valorant devs acknowledge FPS issues, working on improving CPU performance

In the latest Ask Valorant blog, Valorant developers explain how they maintain Valorant's good performance and how they plan to make frames per second (FPS) more stable.
Valorant devs acknowledge FPS issues, working on improving CPU performance

If you are an active Valorant player, you might have noticed that the game can get quite unstable in regards to frames per second (FPS) over the past few months.

Sudden frame drops, stuttering, and lag have been plaguing the game since patch 2.05, and it still seems that there is no permanent solution at sight, despite being a very serious problem.

In the latest Ask Valorant blog, Riot touched on this issue, explaining the process behind maintaining the game's performance and talking about Riots' plan to fix the FPS issues.

valorant fps drops issues fix
Frame drops often occur when there are many Agents on the screen (Picture: Riot Games)

Brian Fischer, Valorant's performance engineer, explained that the biggest issue stems from the CPU, which limits performance and FPS because mid to high spec machines "tend to be CPU bound".

"Currently, we are focused on improving CPU performance," Fischer stated. "This can be done by either improving baseline performance, which results in an average higher FPS or by removing hitches, which will reduce how much FPS drops when there is more expensive workload."

Fischer explains that they are "setting budgets" in terms of data and actively monitoring client and server performance before the patch and after patching the game with each new content patch.

Fischer explains that their goal is to increase the lowest FPS "regardless of what is going on in a match" as most problems start appearing later in a round, when there's a lot of Agents and when everyone is using their abilities.

valorant fps drops issues fix astra
Astra's abilities are apparently causing some FPS issues (Picture: Riot Games)

He admits that sometimes some issues slip through their testing and revealed that they have found some performance issues which involves Agents.

"We've identified issues with Viper and Astra and will be working on optimizations to their abilities over the next few patches. We will be doing a pass on performance for all Agent abilities over the coming months," Fisher wrote. "We want all of you to be able to focus on playing the game and not fighting performance."

All in all, definitely great news for the Valorant community, as FPS issues have been troubling a huge number of players over the last few months. According to Fischer, there will be several fixes and improvements across the board in an effort to improve and stabilize FPS in Valorant.

Hopefully, they will deliver improvements soon, but until then, if you are having problems with FPS in Valorant, check out this Valorant FPS drops fix.