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Riot to rotate Valorant limited-time modes every two weeks

Replication, Escalation and Snowball Fight will be rotated in and out of the game following the game's patch cadence.
Riot to rotate Valorant limited-time modes every two weeks

Since the release of Valorant, developers Riot Games have tried to introduce different ways to play the tactical shooter.

From Spike Rush to the most recent Replication, each mode is designed to create shorter, more casual, games and act as a warm-up and wind down for the sweaty standard mode.

As of the most recent v2.09 update, there are four separate game modes (five if you count unrated), they are Competitive, Spike Rush, Deathmatch and Replication.

Valorant LTM two weeks
(Picture: Riot Games)

Competitive, Spike Rush, and Deathmatch are all permanent game modes but Replication is a limited-time mode and there have been two previous ones, Escalation and Snowball Fight, both of which are no longer playable.

But that is set to change, as Riot Games announced on the 21st May that henceforth limited-time modes will swap in and out with every patch, roughly every two weeks.

The reason all the modes aren't available all the time is simple - queue times.

Lisa Ohanian, Valorant's Modes Senior Producer, explains: 

"Having too many modes active at one time dilutes the queues for all of our modes... which in turn makes it take longer to find a match (or an appropriate one, at least) in any of them."

Ohanian also explained that this swapping in and out of game modes will continue, for the time being, depending on how the move is received they may change it again.

"Our approach to game modes is similar to our rotation plan - we’ll pay attention to what you think, so please let us know if you want anything special to come back or stick around," said Ohanian.

Patch notes going forward will now contain information about what LTM is being added. The next patch, v2.11 is expected on 8th June.