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Valorant devs confirm Widejoy card will return after bug fix

The beloved Rainfall Killjoy card has been bugged for months, becoming widely known as Widejoy due to its unintended looks.
Valorant devs confirm Widejoy card will return after bug fix

Good news for Widejoy lovers, the glitched Valorant player card that stole the heart of thousands of players, as Riot Games has confirmed the cosmetic will return in the near future after the bug issue plaguing it gets sorted out.

With the release of patch v4.0, one that brought massive changes to the game, including buffs to the Ares, nerfs to the Spectre, and the game's 18th Agent, Neon, Riot did also address the known Rainfall Killjoy player card bug, explaining that it'll be removed with update v4.01.

Not all hope is lost, as dev team lead Anna Donlon confirmed via her personal Twitter account that, while the issue affecting the player card needs to go, the team is working on a way to honour the affectionately called Widejoy player cosmetic.

When will Widejoy return to the game?

widejoy removed
Widejoy will be gone in a few weeks. (Picture: Riot Games)

At the moment, the Rainfall Killjoy player card, also known as Widejoy, is technically still in the game but has its days numbered. The update v4.01 is set to drop in a "couple of weeks" according to Riot themselves, meaning we can expect it to go live on the last week of January or the first of February.

We still don't know if Riot has something else besides a player card in store for Widejoy aficionados. It's possible that a gun buddy is also being added to the game. Hey, don't even discard a possible weapon skin, as simple as it could potentially be, to make it into the game eventually



It also remains to be seen if the new Killjoy player card will be widely available (no pun intended) or if it'll only be awarded to those that originally got their hands on the Rainfall Killjoy card.

killjoy wide player card
The Killjoy wide player card will return soon. (Picture: Riot Games)

The cosmetic was a battle pass reward from a previous Act, and as we're all aware, those don't return, or haven't yet, in any way, shape, or form.

Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.