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Valorant Episode 2 start date: When does Act 3 end?

Here's when you can expect Valorant Episode 1 Act 3 to end, and what the start date for Episode 2 is.
With Valorant Episode 1 (Ignition) Act 3 now released, we look towards the future of Riot Games' competitive FPS title. For those wondering when Act 3 will end, and what the start date for Valorant Episode 2 is, we've got you covered.

Valorant Episode 2 start date

Valorant Act 3 will be longer than the first two acts, which both lasted for two months. With Act 3 sticking around for an additional month, the expected end date is 13th January 2021.

This means players have more time to complete the Battle Pass tiers and earn their shiny rewards before Valorant Episode 2 releases.

Valorant Episode 2 start date Act 3 end

(Picture: Riot Games)


Riot Games has not given an official, exact release date or date for Valorant Episode 2. However, it is expected Valorant Episode 2's start date closely follows the end of Episode 1 Act 3, and might even be on the same day.

Keep in mind that Icebox was supposed to release with Episode 2 but Riot Games decided to release the map with Episode 1 Act 3.

At the time of writing, there is no concrete information on content coming with Episode 2. Some believe the Memento Mori dog tag at Tier 48 of the current Battle Pass points towards the next Agent. The Latin phrase Memento Mori translates to "remember you must die".

For now, we can all enjoy Episode 1 Act 3, which is packed full of content.