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Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Agent tier list - Ranking the game's Agents from best to worst

Change is afoot as Riot again tinker with Valorant's meta heading into Episode 3 Act 2 but who are the winners and losers? We find out in our agent tier list.
Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Agent tier list - Ranking the game's Agents from best to worst

Riot Games really ain't scared of shaking up Valorant's meta with the revealed changes, set to be introduced with Episode 3 Act 2, giving everything food for thought.

There is a lot changed, namely the ability for certain Agents to take out the utility of others as well as subtle but meaningful nerfs to Killjoy's Turret and a change to Raze's Boom Bot that fundamentally changes its use case.

It's those changes to Agents being able to destroy others' utility that is set to really make the difference though; with Breach, Brimstone, and Sova all becoming more powerful with this change.

It also has a chilling effect on a number of other agents. Killjoy is greatly diminished at the start of Act 2, and Cypher and Sage also look like they will be having a hard time of it, with both their Trapywire and Barrier Orb susceptible to damage.

Which poses the question: who are the most powerful agents in Valorant? We look to break down all 16 possible picks into a tier list to help you gauge their strength and weaknesses.

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Agent tier list

Couple of things to get out the way before we dive into the list. This isn't a list that takes in the considerations of very high-level pro play, this is for those average players, grinding away at the competitive ladder. 

Some ratings you might vehemently disagree with; Viper is A-tier here but she is S-tier on Icebox, however, we are looking to rank each Agent across the entire game and not specifically for a certain map, so again it isn't a perfect science.

Things will change throughout the season too, both in how players combat the changes introduced with v3.05 but also with subsequent patches. We will update this list as this becomes apparent.

With that said, let's get into it.

Description of the tiers

Valorant epsiode 3 act 2 tier list best agents in ep act 2

  • S-Tier: The best of the best and must-picks on most maps.
  • A-Tier: Undeniably powerful and likely must pick on many maps.
  • B-Tier: The right player or right map makes these great Agents to have on your side.
  • C-Tier: If you have mastered them they might well be worth running but there is likely another Agent in the pool that does their job and better.
  • D-Tier: Yoru.

The Agents


Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 tier list
Breach is yet more powerful with his Aftershock now dealing damage to a number of abilities. (Picture: Riot Games)
  • Breach (Initiator)
  • Jett (Duelist)

Breach just seems to keep on getting stronger. The beneficiary of a series of buffs at the start of Episode 3 which saw his flashes become more powerful, he is again the main man when it comes to changes at the start of Act 2. While Brimstone and Sova can also destroy utility with their own, it is their expensive Ultimates that can do it, on the other hand, Breach's 100 coin Aftershock can soften up defences in a way not possible before.

Also in the S-tier is Jett, her abilities are unlike any other and with no significant nerfs (in fact the nerfs to other Agents only make her stronger again) she is well and truly still the agent of choice for your top-fragging AWPer.


Valorant agent tier list episode 3
Skye is a jack of all trades and a master of a few of them too. (Picture: Riot Games)
  • Skye (Initiator)
  • Viper (Controller)
  • Reyna (Duelist)

Three Agents make it into our A-tier, each from a different class.

From the Initiators, we have Skye who was also buffed at the start of Episode 3 and continues to impress. She can do a bit of everything; intelligence gathering with her Trailblazer, Guiding Light, and Seekers. Flash with her Guiding Light and heal with Regrowth.

Viper is one of the most frustrating agents to come up against, her ability to affect the game from afar post-plant is unrivalled and with Killjoy being somewhat nullified in this patch that place in the meta is all hers.

Reyna, the best thing you can say about her is that if Jett wasn't in the game she would be S-tier. Reyna, like Jett, can move into previously uncharted territories, the only difference being Reyna needs that initial kill. Her ability to heal and flash on-site make her a true menace.


Valorant meta agents in Episode 3 Act 1
Raze isn't quite as explosive as she once was. (Picture: Riot Games)
  • Raze (Duelist)
  • Sova (Initiator)
  • Omen (Controller)
  • Astra (Controller)
  • Brimstone (Controller)

Raze has been difficult for the devs to get right and it seems they still ain't happy, her Boom Bot which, at the outset of Episode 3, was increased in price, is now being made cheaper however its damage output has been reduced massively now, at its most potent, dealing only 80HP in damage.She still has those nades and her Ultimate will one-shot you, so that is enough for her to retain her place in the B-tier.

Sova, is getting somewhat of a buff. His Ultimate can now destroy certain utility however it's one of the most costly in the game and his own utility can too be destroyed by Breach and Brimstone. His information gathering is second-to-none (sorry Cypher) and for that reason alone he keeps in the B-tier.

In the right hands, Astra is truly powerful. Her ability to throw down smokes across the map is unparalleled and a well-coordinated team can do some serious damage with her Gravity Wells but she needs that, great teamwork, otherwise she can prove pretty ineffectual.

Omen has a unique kit and powerful abilities. His flash which can pass through walls is invaluable on many maps and his smokes are almost as good as Astra's. His ability to teleport both near and far can make for some interesting tactical advantages. 


worst agents in Valorant episode 3 act 2
Killjoy looks weak after the Episode 3 Act 2 nerfs and she may well be due a place in the D-tier. (Picture: Riot Games)
  • Killjoy (Sentinel)
  • Sage (Sentinel)
  • Cypher (Sentinel)
  • Pheonix (Duelist)

Sage can't catch a break. Nerf, after nerf, after nerf, and here, is it happening again. Now her walls can be destroyed by anyone with a bow that shoots electricity.

It is hard not to feel sorry for the mum of the Valorant world, everyone's favourite healer and protector has seen her main use supplanted by Skye and with her Barrier Orb now prone to taking a beating there are few reasons to pick her.

Brimstone, my first main and one that I have seen slowly become one of the game's least picked Agents. But that could be set to change! His Ultimate now can destroy some utility and it will surely help him be more viable. His all-round kit isn't half bad either, his molly and smokes are powerful in their own right but not enough for him to be any higher than C-tier for the moment.

Cypher will always have his fans. His camera can help, if not lock down a site, certainly give you a heads up, however, his Trapwires have received a serious nerf with this Act and that is enough to bring him down to the C-tier.

Pheonix is by no means bad but there are simply others that do his job better. He can heal himself, he can flash, he can even die and come back but for some reason, it just isn't enough. 


Worst agent in Valorant
Yoru needs a buff but his kit might not make it possible. (Picture: Riot Games)
  • Yoru (Duelist)

Still no buff? This guy truly can't catch a break.


So that's our Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Agent tier list. Feel that we have besmirched your Agent's good name? Then you can let us know your thoughts in the comments below.