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Valorant Episode 3 Agent tier list - Ranking the game's Agents from best to worst

Episode 3 has seen not only the introduction of a brand new Agent in the shape of KAY/O but also a drastic rebalancing of all the previous ones. Knowing which is the best, and which is the worst, has never been more important, thankfully our tier list is here to help.
Valorant Episode 3 Agent tier list - Ranking the game's Agents from best to worst

Okay, take a deep breath, we know why your here. Things have changed and they aren't ever going back to the way they once were, Riot Games has taken the Agent meta and ripped it up for Episode 3, hard nerfing many must-picks and leaving players utterly lost when it comes to who to pick.

Jett's abilities are far more expensive as are Raze's, Breach and Skye saw considerable buffs, then we have the introduction of KAY/O who looks like he's coming in as one of the game's strongest Agents right off the bat.

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 Tier list v3.0(Picture: Riot Games)

It's all been done in an attempt to promote gunplay and make the meta so utterly reliant on abilities, especially in post-plant situations which -- especially at high ELOs -- had settled into a 'hold the post-plant with (insert denial of area ability but probably Viper's Sake bite) meta'. 

In the long term, this is probably a good thing, in the short term you're probably left wondering who you now pick as your main in Episode 3. Don't worry as help is at hand, we've poured over the patch notes, we've played as many hours as we can and we've broken down the Agents into a tier list, giving you a pretty good idea of where the power is in this new season.

Let's get into it.

Valorant Episode 3 Agent tier list

As of Valorant Episode 3 and the introduction of KAY/O, there are currently 16 Agents that each fall under four categories: Duelists, Initiators, Sentinels, and Controllers.

The v3.0 patch that released alongside Episode 3 also drastically changed the way certain abilities function; they now cost more, have increased cooldown times, and agent's get fewer charges, with their ultimate sometimes costing more.

Riot explained: 

"We noticed that certain agents were able to have too much impact with their abilities without making any significant trade-offs. Our goal here is to create a healthier pace of abilities throughout a round and force you to think more critically about your purchase decisions."

With that said, there are still some agents that are better than others, so let's rank them.

Description of the tiers

Valorant Episode 3 Tier list(Picture: Tiermaker)

  • S-Tier: The best of the best. Close to must-picks.
  • A-Tier: More than capable of dominating a match, they might be slightly less effective in Episode 3 or be a dud on certain maps.
  • B-Tier: In the right hands, these agents can still do the business but there are likely better options when it comes to their class.
  • C-Tier: If they were once good, they aren't up to it anymore. You would need to truly master these agents, or they may have a particular map they excel, for you to find a reason to main them.
  • D-Tier: Yoru.

The Agents


Breach ValorantBreach is the most heavily buffed Agent heading into Episode 3. (Picture: Riot Games)

  • KAY/O (Initiator)
  • Breach (Initiator)

When it comes to winners in the Episode 3 Agent shakeup there is one that surely takes the cake and that is Breach, while his flashes -- like everyone's --- cost a little more, all his other abilities have been buffed making him more deadly across the board and making him the ultimate Initiator.

KAY/O also goes straight to the top, his ability to stop others using theirs, and his all-around kit make him a fearsome foe and someone you definitely want on your side.


Valorant Episode 3 SykeSkye has an all-rounder that has grown in strength in Episode 3. (Picture: Riot Games)

  • Skye (Initiator)
  • Cypher (Sentinel)
  • Jett (Duelist)
  • Viper (Controller)
  • Reyna (Duelist)

Another big winner in Episode 3 is Skye, her ability to intelligence gather using Trailblazer has increased and while her flashes are reduced from 3 to 2, they now replenish after 40 seconds. Both abilities cost more but they are snip when you consider that she also offers up team healing.

Jett drops from the S/A tiers after the nerfs to her abilities, costing more across the board. She will still be the Agent of choice for the Operator, which saw its price decreased somewhat counter-acting her nerfs.

Cypher received a nice buff, his Neural Theft ultimate now costing 6 orbs instead of 7.

Viper is still the post-plant queen the 1.5 seconds shaved off his Snakebit, and its increased cost, only slightly denting her powers.

Reyna also sneaks into the A-tier on the fact that she wasn't nerfed while those around her were.


Valorant best duelist RazeRaze's is not nearly as explosive as she once was. (Picture: Riot Games)

  • Raze (Duelist)
  • Sova (Initiator)
  • Astra (Controller)
  • Brimstone (Controller)
  • Killjoy (Sentinel)

Dropping into the B-tier is Raze who has seen her abilities increase in cost massively. Her Boombot has gone from 200 to 400, no longer something to be chucked without a thought or care, and her Leer also goes from 200 to 250. Her Showstopper was already pricey at 7 and is now 8 Ultimate points.

Sova is another feeling a bit out in the cold, Shock Darts has increased from 100 to 150, his Owl Drone from 300 to 400 and his Hunter's Fury goes from 7 to 8 Ultimate points. Couple those with his Recon Bolt cooldown going from 35 to 40 and it ain't looking good for our bow-wielding friend.

Astra seems to blow hot and cold depending on the region, the ELO, and how she is used so it is hard to place her at the moment. Her changes certainly read as nerfs with longer cooldowns across the board, though her stars have also decreased in price and she can see the Spike location when in her Astral form. Her position on this tier list could easily change.


Valorant tier list omenOmen's abilities have got more costly. (Picture: Riot Games)

  • Omen (Controller)
  • Sage (Sentinel)
  • Pheonix (Duelist)

It's hard to imagine that there was once a time that Sage was the best Agent in the game, but here we are, a year later she has been nerfed again and her power continues to diminish.

She has seen her abilities priced higher, with her Slow Orb going from 100 to 200, her Barrier going from 300 to 400. Her Resurrection has also gone from 7 to 8 Ultimate points. If Sage is a healer, this is the moment health care just went private.


Valorant episode 3 tier list for agentsI feel so sorry for this guy. (Picture: Riot Games)

  • Yoru (Duelist)




So that's our Valorant Episode 3 Agent tier list. Feel that we have besmirched your Agent's good name? Then you can let us know your thoughts in the comments below.