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Best Valorant Agent tier list - Episode 4 Act 3 | Meta Character

With plenty of potential meta defining changes and even a new Agent, Fade, the Best Valorant Agent tier list for Episode 4 Act 3 has changed drastically.
Best Valorant Agent tier list - Episode 4 Act 3 | Meta Character

Valorant fans have plenty to be excited about with the release of patch 4.08. Nerfs to Jett and Sova, two of the game's most meta-defining Agents as well as the release of Fade, a new initiator, promise to shake things up in an emphatic way.

Naturally, this means the Agent tier list will see massive shakeups coming into Episode 4 Act 3. Is Jett still the best duelist? Will Sova lose his place as the best scout in the entire game? Where will Fade end up being ranked?

There's plenty of stuff to go through and while it's early in the season, let's take a look at our Valorant Agent tier list for Episode 4 Act 3.

Best Valorant Agent tier list - 

Episode 4 Act 3

As mentioned, Riot Games constantly updates the tactical shooter with balance patches, so to help you choose the best Agent for the job, here is our Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Agent tier list.

Description of the tiers

  • S-Tier: The best of the best and must-picks on most maps.
  • A-Tier: Undeniably powerful and likely must pick on many maps.
  • B-Tier: The right player or right map makes these Agents great to have on your side.
  • C-Tier: If you have mastered them, they might well be worth running, but there is likely another Agent in the pool that performs exceptionally.
  • D-Tier: The bottom of the barrel of Agents. Do not pick these if you value your mental health.

It's worth mentioning that things will change throughout the season too. This includes how players combat Fade but also forthcoming updates.

The Agents

Note: We will update this list as the meta becomes more apparent.


chamber valorant tier list
Chamber is poised to become the most-used Agent in the game. (Picture: Riot Games)
  • Chamber (Initiator)
  • Skye (Initiator)
  • Neon (Duelist)
  • Sage (Sentinel)

Our first massive change to the tier list is the inclusion of Neon on S-tier, replacing Jett as the best duelist in the game. Neon has now more mobility and her utility, such as her Fast Lane wall, does not hurt allies anymore.

As for Chamber, he's slowly becoming the defacto OPer for any team thanks to his mobility cooldowns that let him get in and out of danger in a pinch.


reyna valorant
Reyna is a solid duelist that is easy to learn. (Picture: Riot Games)
  • Fade (Initiator)
  • Jett (Duelist)
  • Omen (Controller)
  • Viper (Controller)
  • Reyna (Duelist)

We've placed Fade initially on A-tier since her kit alone has plenty of potential, even with no lineups studied. She can disrupt, debuff, and flush out enemies all by herself.

Jett, despite the nerfs, is a rock-solid choice even if she now has to commit or waste her Tailwind. Reyna, a simpler duelist to pick up and play, benefits from exactly that, as you can rarely use comms and still be able to frag out on your own.


Killjoy is a reliable sentinel. (Picture: Riot Games)
  • Sova (Initiator)
  • Raze (Duelist)
  • Brimstone (Controller)
  • Killjoy (Sentinel)
  • Yoru (Duelist)

These Agents are viable in certain situations, such as maps or what type of comps are you running. Raze, for example, excels in Split, but more wide-open maps like Breeze or Icebox can be a pain to deal with.

Sova's nerfs paired with the addition of Fade have hit him big time, although once players optimise his reworked toolkit, he may be able to climb up the ranks to at least A-tier. As for Yoru, after an initial great impression following his new abilities, players adapted quickly and he has fallen down the pecking order since.


kayo valorant
KAY/O could work under the right circumstances. (Picture: Riot Games)
  • KAY/O (Initiator)
  • Astra (Controller)
  • Breach (Initiator)

If you're one-tricking these Agents, you might need to start expanding your character pool. KAY/O's abilities to suppress enemies work well enough, but pales in terms of versatility compared to other initiators such as Fade and Sova.

Since Astra got nerfed, not only she remains a high skill ceilling Agent being one of the hardest characters to master, her overall impact has been diminished. What keeps her somewhat relevant is her extremely powerful ultimate.


phoenix valorant
Phoenix is in dire need of buffs. (Picture: Riot Games)
  • Phoenix (Duelist)
  • Cypher (Sentinel)

The absolute worse characters in Valorant. They're both so simple and easy to counterplay that picking one of these Agents is like throwing.

Cypher uniqueness has been stolen by Chamber, who can work as an OPer and an Agent to avoid lurks at the same time. As for Phoenix, with the likes of Neon and Jett running around, his abilities seem due for a rework.

If you want to keep up to date with Valorant tier lists, skin collections, and more, check out our dedicated section for more coverage of the ultra-popular title.


Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.