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Fallout 76 Ogua Location, Drops, And More

This guide details where you can find Ogua in Fallout 76 while discussing how to spawn the new Cryptid and its potential drops.
Fallout 76 Ogua Location, Drops, And More

Fallout 76 'Once in a Blue Moon' update introduced a multitude of new additions to the game in the form of new public events, Safe and Sound and Beast of Burden, two new Cryptids, Ogua and Blue Devil, new Expedition, items, schematics, challenges and much more. Among them, the key highlight of the update was the new Cryptids and their associated public events. That said, in this guide, we will mainly talk about Ogua, aka the Monongahela River Monster, a reclusive creature with the appearance of a giant turtle that retreats into its shell to avoid incoming damage. 

Where To Find Ogua In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Ogua location
You can find Ogua during random encounters while exploring Appalachia. (Picture: Hritwik / Bethesda)

In Fallout 76, you can find Ogua all around Appalachia as a random assault encounter. During our playthrough, we had random encounters with the Ogua near Grafton, Welch Station, Highway 65, and Huntersville

How To Spawn Ogua In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Spawn Ogua
Ogua spawns at the end of the Beast of Burden public event that got added with the Once in a Blue Moon update. (Picture: Hritwik / Bethesda)

Since Ogua serves as the final boss of the Beasts of Burden public eventin Fallout 76, to spawn this new Cryptid, all you must do is progress the said event by completing its objectives which basically revolve around killing cultists, obtaining explosives, blowing up shed doors, collecting stolen items and loading them on a Cargo Brahmin. 

Once you are done with the above objectives, the Ogua spawns at the end of the event, where you must fight and defeat it to complete the Beast of Burden public event. 

Fallout 76 Ogua Item Drops List

Fallout 76 Ogua drops
Ogua item drop pool includes normal items that any other creature drops in the game. (Picture: Hritwik / Bethesda)

Here is the complete list of item drops that you can expect to get upon defeating Ogua:

Note: Item drops from Ogua are based on RNG and depends on the different versions of Ogua available in the game. Mainly, the drop loot includes weapon, ammo, consumable, etc which again depends on RNG. 

  • Weapons 
  • Ammo 
  • Stimpak 
  • Rad X
  • Armor pieces
  • Consumables 
  • Throwables

That concludes our guide as we have talked about Ogua's location in Fallout 76 while sharing how you can spawn the new Cryptid and its potential item drops.