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OpTic wins Valorant Masters Reykjavík by sweeping LOUD in grand finals

OpTic Gaming crushed the dreams of Brazilian fans by putting an end to LOUD's incredible run at Valorant Masters Reykjavík.
OpTic wins Valorant Masters Reykjavík by sweeping LOUD in grand finals

In an upset-filled event, the grand finals delivered perhaps an expected outcome, with North America's OpTic Gaming taking down Brazil's LOUD 3-0 to secure their first Masters trophy in Valorant.

Masters Reykjavík was nothing if not unpredictable, with the likes of ZETA DIVISION making it to the lower bracket final, eliminating Team Liquid in the process, The Guard going 0-2, and LOUD tearing through everyone's predictions, beating two EMEA and one NA rep on their way to grand finals. 

OpTic, who had to fight their way out from the group stage after an early upset defeat against XERXIA, eliminated both KRU Esports and XERXIA on the runback.

As fate would have it, both NA's teams would face early on in the bracket, with OpTic's experience giving them the edge against The Guard's lack of. 

el diablo envy
OpTic secured the win for North America in an upset-filled event. (Picture: Riot Games)

LOUD would send OpTic to the lower bracket and just as it happened with XERXIA, the coaching staff ironed out issues, specifically on Ascent, to turn it around in grand finals.

El Diablo, Jaccob "Yay" Whiteaker was let loose during the entire grand finals, registering 74 kills and 9 assists, with 10 First Kills. Surprisingly enough, LOUD's Erick "Aspas" Santos outperformed Yay, with 76 frags and 13 First Kills, which wasn't enough to secure even a single map.

The win meant more than pride for OpTic and an entire Valorant region, as the squad secured massive circuit points for the remainder of the Valorant Champions Tour, with a total of 750.

A silver lining for LOUD is that they'll also take 500 circuit points. Both teams are now comfortably leading the Brazil and North America region circuit points standings respectively.

Valorant Masters Iceland 2022 - Final standings

masters iceland
Masters Iceland final bracket. (Picture: Riot Games)

Take a look at the Masters Reykjavík final standings down below, as well as how many Valorant Circuit Points and cash prizes each team takes home.

  • 1st.- OpTic Gaming - $200k - 750 points
  • 2nd.- LOUD - $120k - 500 points
  • 3rd.- ZETA DIVISION - $85k - 400 points
  • 4th.- Paper Rex - $65k - 300 points
  • 5th/6th.- DRX and G2 Esports - $40k - 250 points
  • 7th/8th.- Team Liquid and The Guard - $25k - 200 points
  • 9th/10th.- Ninjas in Pyjamas and XERXIA - $15k - 150 points
  • 11th/12th.- Fnatic and KRU Esports - $10k - 125 points

FunPlus Phoenix was awarded $25k and 200 circuit points for qualifying for the event.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.