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Valorant Error Code 39: How to fix and what it means

If you are running into the infamous Error Code 39 while trying to play Valorant, we explain what the code means and how you can possibly fix the issue.
Valorant players have periodically been getting Error Code 39 while attempting to join a match or even when getting kicked out of a match since the game's beta. Error codes in most games, including Valorant, can be quite vague, so if you are running into Error Code 39, we've got you covered with an explanation of what it means, and the steps you can take to possible fix it.

What does Valorant Error Code 39 mean?

Error Code 39 in Valorant essentially means the following: "There was an error connecting to the platform."

Simply put, you are not able to connect to the Valorant servers.

Valorant Error Code 39 riot games servers how to fix meaning(Picture: Riot Games)

For the most part, this error code will appear if you are not able to connect to the Valorant servers, due to the servers either being down for maintenance or in rare instances, crashing.

You can largely expect Error Code 39 to appear when a new big update drops, or when Riot Games announces Valorant server maintenance.

To find out if the issue is on the side of the developer, you can use the dedicated, official tool to check the status of servers for all Riot Games titles.


Valorant Error Code 39: How to fix

While you can't do anything but wait if the Valorant servers are down, what do you do when the servers are up but you are still getting Valorant Error Code 39?

There's no one clear fix for this issue, which thankfully doesn't happen to a lot of players.

Valorant Error Code 39 riot games servers how to fix meaning(Picture: Riot Games)

If you do experience this error and the Valorant servers are up, you can try one of the basic options below.

  • Restart your game client and try again.
  • Restart your router.
  • Make sure your internet connection is okay. If not, contact your ISP.
  • See if you are getting any severe timeouts. To do this, open Command Prompt and type in "ping bbc.co.uk -t". If you spot massive timeouts, your internet connection is to blame.

If all else fails, try to contact Riot Games support with your issue. Again, the Valorant Error Code 39 doesn't appear often outside of Riot Games server issues.

Hopefully, you won't have issues with Valorant Error Code 39 for too long. Riot generally fixes any server issues quite quickly, and if the servers are not down, the basic tips on how to fix it should help you out.