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Valorant FTW Summer Showdown: How to watch, schedule, teams, format, prize pool, and more

Get ready for the first-ever all-female Valorant tournament, showcasing some of the game's best players and a $10k prize pool.

While the Ignition Series circuit may have come to a close in North America after Sentinels' victory at the Pop Flash tournament, the competitive Valorant scene still has a lot of events to look forward before the year ends.

One of them is the FTW (For the Women) Summer Showdown, an event where the best female Valorant players will get to showcase their prowess while competing for a hefty prize pool.

Here's everything you need to know about the FTW Summer Showdown.

FTW Summer Showdown schedule

FTW Summer Showdown Valorant

(Photo: Nerd Street Gamers)

The tournament kicks off Saturday, 12th September, starting at 12:00PM PST (8:00PM BST) running most likely throhgout the whole weekend ending on the 13th.

FTW Summer Showdown Format

No teams have been announced as of yet, however, it's been confirmed a total of eight teams will be competing at the tournament, with seven invited ones and the final squad coming through open qualifiers. 

FTW Summer Showdown Prize Pool

The official prize pool for the event will have $10,000 for the top placed teams. No information in regards to how the pot will be split has been shared so far.

Where to watch the FTW Summer Showdown

You can watch all the action on the Nerd Street Gamers official Twitch channel which we've linked down below. 

While the tournament itself starts on the 12th, the qualifiers will also be broadcasted, these start on 5th September at 12:00PM PST (8:00PM BST).

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