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Valorant leak reveals MagicSpline weapon collection: All skins, Radianite upgrades, and cost

A new premium collection of weapons will become available in the near future. Take a look at the designs below.

With the release of a new Valorant update, data miners are already unveiling the secrets hidden deep within the game's files, revealing a brand-new collection of skins that should be making its way to the tactical shooter soon.

The Valorant News & Leaks Twitter account published several images of the MagicSpine bundle, which by the looks of it, it's the next premium collection for Valorant following the Nebula set of skins.

The skin collection has an outer-world vibe, looking more like the weaponry the Men in Black would use rather than Valorant Agents. Each skin is likely to cost 1775 VP, the regular price for premium cosmetics.

The MagicSpline will include a Phantom, Operator, Classic, Spectre, and Knife skin. It also appears that each skin will have four versions with it likely to be upgradeable using radianite points.

No release date has been announced for the release of the collection.

Here’s a better look at all the revealed skins. All images courtesy of Riot Games.

Valorant MagicSpline Collection

Valorant MagicSpline collection
Spline Phantom

MagicSpline Phantom 1

Valorant leaked skins MagicSpline radianite

MagicSpline Phantom upgrade

MagicSpline Radianite points upgrade
Spline Knife 

Valorant MagicSpline Knife melee

MagicSpline skins with chromas

All MagicSpline Skins and upgrades 

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