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Valorant leak reveals tournament mode details

Riot Games has been working for some time on the alternative for high-ranked 5-stack teams, the "Tournaments" mode, and now the latest leaks offer more information about what can we expect from it.
Valorant leak reveals tournament mode details

Valorant v3.03 is now live and that means a brand new material for data miners to find other interesting pieces of information left there by developers, either unintentionally or on purpose. 

And while everyone is surprised that we will not get a new skin collection this time around, data miners were able to find something far more interesting, especially if you are interested in the competitive side of the game - more information about the Tournament mode.

Ever since Valorant v2.02 patch from February of this year, high-ranked pro players have been complaining over the fact that Immortal and Radianite ranks are now capped at queueing up with a two-man party.

Valorant tournament mode
The tournament mode was first teased during a developer livestream in June. (Picture: Riot Games)

This means that pros were not able to play ranked with their teammates and other high-ranked friends, either for streaming or simply practising.

Riot still doesn't want to change this decision, as developers find it necessary in order for everyone to have a great experience at high ranks, but back in May, they promised that they "have something in the works that should help" for those who still want to play 5-stack matches, but they are too high a rank to be able to.

And that solution is the tournament mode, which was first teased in June during a developer live stream, and now thanks to data miners, we are able to find out more about this new mode.

Valorant in-game tournaments: how do they work?

Valorant in-game tournaments mode
(Picture: Riot Games)

Information about the new tournament mode has been discovered by a renowned Valorant data miner, Mike - Valorant Leaks, who has shared some of the first details about the new mode.

Tournaments will be featured in-game and they will be automated. They will be organized on a be-weekly basis and players will be informed in advance about the dates, timetable, rules, and other important information.

"Compete in a high stakes tournament mode against other teams to earn super cool prizes," the explanation of the mode reads. "Tournaments are every other weekend with timetables listed below. Get started by verifying your identity and then creating or joining a team!"

Players will be able to either create their own teams and invite players to join the team for the tournament, or enter as a solo agent and search for available teams to join, if there are some.

There will be a special "Scouting Board" section, where free players will be able to search for a team, or reverse - teams that need players can find free agents to complete their roster for a tournament.

Valorant in-game tournaments mode
(Picture: Riot Games)

Finally, Mike was also able to find mentions of the Tournament Shop, but we currently have no details about what kind of items players will be able to purchase there.

Other details, like formats that will tournaments use, rewards, and more, are currently unavailable, but we will update the article as soon as we find out more information.

It is worth noting that this is all datamined content, which is not yet officially confirmed, but Riot Games almost always put clues about the upcoming content in patches intentionally, so this means that Tournaments will probably be added to the game in a few weeks, or maybe even days.

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