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Valorant GO! Vol. 1: Release date, all skins, price

One of the most hyped Valorant skin releases of all-time and it's no surprise with this anime-inspired Agent adorned skins proving to be an instant hit.
Valorant GO! Vol. 1: Release date, all skins, price

The release of Valorant v2.03 has also brought with it two of the most hyped skin bundles since the game's release.

One is the Lunar New Year-themed Celestial skin bundle, featuring a Year of the Ox gunbuddy, and beautiful animated weapons skins that portray elements of nature in stylish gold, black, and gun grey hues.

Valorant GO! Volume 1 release date
(Picture: Riot Games)

The other is a slightly more ambitious project. The GO! Volume 1 skin bundle takes some of the game's Agents and gives them an anime makeover and pairs them with one of the game's weapons.

The skins, like the Celestial bundle, are animated and each one comes with its own Chibi gunbuddy, unique player card and spray. It's one of the most content-packed bundles and one of the best designed.

(Picture: Riot Games)

Many expected the GO! Volume 1 to be released alongside v2.03 but that hasn't happened yet with the Celestial bundle going out on 18th February and no-fixed date for the former.

What is included in the GO! Volume 1 skin collection?

As we've previously mentioned, this bundle is the most content-packed bundle we have yet seen. 

On the weapon front, it includes:

  • Sage Ghost
  • Cypher Guardian
  • Killjoy Spectre
  • Reyna Phantom
  • Jett Knife/Melee

As part of the bundle, it also includes a unique player card - so five in all - as well as matching Chibi gunbuddy and spray.

Valorant Go! Chibi Gunbuddy
The GO! gunbuddies are in the Chibi style. (Picture: Riot Games)

How much does the GO! Vol. 1 skin collection cost?

It's not cheap... but it is interesting to note that it actually falls between tiers, between Premium Edition (PE) and Ultra Edition (UE) skin bundles with UE bundles, like the Dragon-themed Elderflame collection, costing 9,900VP (US$100).

The GO! Vol. 1 bundle on the other hand costs 8700 VP, which includes all weapons including the Knife as well as five gunbuddies, five player cards, and five sprays.

Valorant GO! Player Cards Volume 1
The GO! VOLUME 1 player cards. (Picture: Riot Games)

Individually skins costs:

  • GO Phantom (1775VP)
  • GO Spectre (1775VP)
  • GO Guardian (1775VP)
  • GO Ghost (1775VP)
  • GO Melee/Kunai (3550VP)

Buying it as a bundle will say you approx. 2000VP (US$20).

When will it be released?

The GO! collection is available now!

GO! VOLUME 1 - all skins


GO! Volume 1 Ghost

valorant go volume 1 spectre


valorant go volume 1 Guardian


valorant go volume 1 Phantom


valorant go volume 1 knife


All images courtesy of Riot Games.