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Valorant has "many safeguards" against false reports, dev assures players

Many Valorant players are in fear that people can "set them up" and ban them from ranked even if they didn't do anything bannable, but Riot Games says they have nothing to worry about.
Valorant has "many safeguards" against false reports, dev assures players

Riot Games will soon implement ranked bans for the chat banned players, something they were planning for a few months now.

The system for comm bans currently works automatically and bans people if enough players report someone in matches. And while previously this worked only for banning people from chat, Riot has announced recently that chat banned people will soon be banned from ranked as well, which was the reason for the players' concerns.

valorant ranked ban false reports
(Picture: Riot Games)

And while inherently this is a positive thing, as people who are banned from communication are undeniably a liability for the team they are playing with, some Valorant players think that this might lead to people teaming up and "gaming the system" by targeting other people to get banned, even though they didn't do anything wrong.

With the current system, it seems that trolls or premade teams have too much power, as they can simply group up and report a player who they don't like for whatever reason, and get them banned from ranked for a week. 

Teammates can report someone simply because they played badly or in a way they didn't like, while the enemy team can report a player that played particularly well against them.

Valorant false reports - can they get you banned?

valorant ban false report
(Picture: Riot Games)

In the system's current iteration, it looks way too easy to ban someone with false reports.

Nonetheless, a Valorant developer that goes by the name Brighteyz on Reddit, commented on these concerns and used the opportunity to reassure players that they have several protections put in place which should easily detect false reports.

"False reports are definitely top of mind for us and we have proactively taken steps here, " Brighteyz wrote. "That behaviour is definitely not okay with us, so we enacted many changes behind the scenes and safeguards to prevent folks from "gaming the system" to get others banned."

The developer didn't want to share the exact details on "math and rule set that leads to a comm bans" but explained that they have added changes which will make "extremely challenging to gang up or target a specific player in any way for a chat ban."

Another dev confirmed that new changes "drastically reduce the likelihood of false positives" and explained that unverified reports from a single game will never get you banned.

Still, there are many players on Reddit currently complaining that they were voice/chat banned for various seemingly unjustified reasons, so it remains to be seen if the system will indeed properly distinguish false report from real ones when the system becomes fully implemented.