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Valorant Haven Map Guide: Spike Sites, Callouts, Strategies and Tips & Tricks

Get to know one of the four available maps for Riot's new tactical shooter.
Valorant Haven Map Guide: Spike Sites, Callouts, Strategies and Tips & Tricks

With the Valorant beta starting, one of the most important aspects of the game players will need to learn quickly are the maps. Callouts, plant sites, angles, all these are key to success, and that's not even taking into account the specific aspects that make each map different.

Let's take a look at Haven:

Haven Map: Spike locations, and callouts

Haven Map Guide for Valorant Strategies Call outs callouts Spike bomb sites

Once again, thanks to Twitter user TacticsValorant we got our first detailed top-down view of the map, including the initial callouts the community seems to be adopting.

This map also details the Spike bomb sites, spawn locations and buy phase barriers.


Haven Strategies

Haven Map Guide For Valorant Call outs


Unlike Bind, Haven is a less spacious map, in huge part because it has three different Spike sites, with only a few sections with big sightlines and where snipers could potentially shine, such as Banana near A, and Long C.

Site B is a very particular segment of the map, attackers can access it through a small window facing a set of stairs from the defender's point of view. This battle on the high ground could lead to a war of attrition between both teams.

Attackers can decide to engage from Grounds, avoiding getting picked with Sage's wall orb, however, they need to be wary as Garage leads into a window where defenders have the upper hand in terms of sightlines.


Haven Map Tips and Tricks

Check back here soon for tried and tested tips and tricks once the player base has had more time with the map.


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