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Latest Valorant agent Killjoy's abilities and voicelines have been leaked

Killjoy will be the newest Valorant Agent and thanks to diligent leakers and data miners, we can already see his abilities in action.
Latest Valorant agent Killjoy's abilities and voicelines have been leaked

We are getting close to Valorant Act 2 which will bring us many new things into the game, including a new Act based rank system.

As expected, we are also getting Valorant's 12th Agent, which will join the roster of available characters when the new Act starts.

The Agent's name is Killjoy, and we already know a lot about her thanks to the leaker known as Valorant Express.

There is still not much in the game files about Killjoy, but someone in Riot has messed up with Killjoy's promo videos. 

They were delisted for a short period of time, enough for leakers to pick them up, and thanks to that we can now see all of Killjoy's abilities in action.

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Killjoy is a "tech" type of a character, with a lot of "toys"(Picture: Riot Games)

Killjoy is a woman, and she comes from Germany.

This is what she says about herself: "I love robots but that doesn’t mean I am one. That tech is only as good as my skill. So, analyze, then improve. Meine güte...I’m starting to sound like you, Brimstone. Hey, if all that doesn’t work out—just remember to delete my hard drive."

Unfortunately, her model is not yet available, so we don't know how she looks, but we do know how her abilities look and work, thanks to the above-mentioned videos!

Her first ability is called Alarm Bot.

It is a small "mine" which you equip and then you deploy on the map. When an enemy target gets close, Alarm Bot locks on them and explodes, dealing damage and making them take double damage for some time after the explosion.

If you want to redeploy your Alarm Bot, hold equip to recall it.

The second ability is called Turret.

Quite a straightforward ability - it is a turret which you deploy and it shots at the enemies within its 180-degree cone. 

If you want to redeploy your Turret, hold equip to recall it.

Killjoy's third ability is NanoSwarm.

NanoSwarm is a grenade you throw and when it lands it does nothing for about a second, but then it explodes in a swarming vortex of Nano Bots which deals quite a lot of damage.

Finally, Killjoy's ultimate ability is called Lockdown.



You deploy a device which has a long windup time, but once it goes off, it explodes and heavily cripples all the enemies caught in its range.

Enemies can destroy it and it takes some time to activate, so you need to be smart with how you use it in order to maximise its powerful effect.

Valorant Killjoy ultimate
NanoSwarm explodes and disrupts the movement of the enemies(Picture: Riot Games)

So that's it. As you can see, Killjoy is predominately a zoning Agent with a really strong set of zoning tools which will help you to control huge areas of the map and make of your enemies lives harder. 

And if you want to hear all these abilities with sounds, Valorant Express combined leaked sound effects with videos of the abilities.



Last week her voice lines were leaked, which you can listen to below.