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Valorant map Breeze gets own queue with unrated mode

Valorant's new map, Breeze, will have its own unrated mode queue so players can practice it at launch without losing rating.
Valorant map Breeze gets own queue with unrated mode

Riot Games revealed the sixth Valorant map, called Breeze, on 23rd April. The developer unleashed the new map today, on 27th April 2021, and also recently announced the new map will make its competitive debut at Masters Reykjavík, giving pros only a month to practice. Even if you aren't a pro, a new map might be daunting, as players want some practice without losing their rating/ranking. Now, it has been confirmed Breeze will get its own unrated mode queue, a welcome addition for the community.

Valorant Breeze unrated queue

Listening to community feedback, as fans wanted an unrated queue for Icebox as well, Riot Games has given Breeze its own queue to players can practice without the fear of losing rating.

In a Reddit thread created late on 26th April 2021 called "We need a breeze Q for tomorrow", Riot's Altombre confirmed a mode called "Breeze" (24/7 of unrated Breeze) will be in Valorant.

Altombre states: "That's what's going to happen! Breeze will have its own queue for yall to play in, unrated mode, for a short while after launch."

HighresScreenshot00055.png?_t=1619190851New Valorant map Breeze (Picture: Riot Games)

Altombre further explained: "We wanted to have this for Icebox too, just couldn't get it out in time since we pushed that map's launch date up. Hopefully, the experience is better this time around."

For those who didn't see the Breeze announcement, it is set on a fictional remote island located somewhere within the southern part of the notorious Bermuda Triangle, known for its mysterious disappearances of ships.

The environment of the map is interesting, as it features a lot of bright and colourful areas, in stark contrast to the current map pool. Two main locations on the map are an old ruined fort and a large tropical beach.

HighresScreenshot00051.png?_t=1619190791(Picture: Riot Games)

Key features of Breeze include:

  • Long-range engagements
  • Large open spaces
  • Wide choke points
  • Important territory control

It's great to see the developer listening to feedback and adding this 24/7 unrated Breeze queue to Valorant.

At the time of writing, no end date for this limited-time queue has been revealed.