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Valorant minimap vision cones glitch fix coming in next updates

Riot Games has confirmed the Valorant minimap vision cones glitch will be fixed for Ascent in update v1.09, with Bind to follow in update v1.10.
Riot Games has officially confirmed the long-standing Valorant minimap vision cones glitch will be fixed in the upcoming v1.09 update, at least on the Ascent map, with more maps to get the vision cones fix in the v1.10 update.

Valorant vision cones glitch

In Valorant, the minimap has a nice feature showing the vision cones of your teammates, and it helps players to see which angles their teammates are holding. However, these vision cones have been quite buggy, and not exactly the most accurate on several maps.

Riot Games' mochimisu explained in a Reddit post how this is due to the minimap in Valorant being out of date in comparison with the maps.

The good news is, Riot Games will be fixing the Valorant vision cones glitch for Ascent with the v1.09 update. In Valorant update v1.10, Riot plans to fix the vision cones issue on Bind, with "possibly more" maps as well.

Valorant minimap vision cones glitch update 1.09 update 1.10

(Picture: Riot Games)


Mochimisu explains: "The vision cones were an old prototype feature that just ended up shipping in the same way as it was made in prototype years ago. each map has a separate vision cones mesh for perf.

"But the versions of the maps they were authored for are slightly older in some places and out of sync. it was a bit tedious and annoying to do these small updates, so we also made some changes to make these adjustments easier. we're also having QA help us spot issues where they don't match up with sightlines."

Alongside the vision cones glitch being fixed in the v1.09 update, Riot also recently revealed Operator nerfs coming with the update.

At the time of writing, an exact release date for Valorant v1.09 is still unknown but you can expect it to release relatively soon, possibly even on 30th September according to reports.