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Valorant NA Last Chance Qualifier postponed indefinitely

COVID-19, server struggles, and subpar setups have doomed the North American LCQ.
Valorant NA Last Chance Qualifier postponed indefinitely

Following a couple of rocky days that saw the Valorant North American Last Chance Qualifier be suspended due to positive COVID-19 tests, Riot Games has decided to indefinitely postpone the event.

In a statement shared via the official Valorant NA Esports Twitter account, Riot confirmed the LCQ, which had just started on 12th October, would be played at a later, unconfirmed, date.

riot games statement
Riot Games statement regarding the suspension of the NA LCQ. (Picture: Riot Games)

The NA LCQ was riddled with issues even before it began, with the Oceania squads being removed from the event due to strict COVID-19 policies, which according to Riot, would have made it impossible for them to travel, train, and compete in a "timely manner."

Furthermore, using remote servers for a LAN tournament caused in-game issues, with players experiencing lag during crucial moments of certain matches, including one that cost Luminosity Gaming a round against XSET.

Finally, two FaZe Clan members received false-positive COVID-19 tests forcing them to quarantine in accordance with the Los Angeles County health restrictions despite following tests coming back negative.

valorant esports
The LCQ venue looks incredible, we'll give them that. (Picture: Riot Games)

Due to this, FaZe was forced to play their match against Rise outside the LCQ venue, with teams complaining of being at a disadvantage due to what they describe as "LCS PCs" poor performance.

A report by esports insider Jake Lucky even suggested a team was considering dropping out entirely from the LCQ due to the "unacceptable conditions" of the event.

As always, we'll update you once Riot Games decides to give more information regarding the rescheduling of the Last Chance Qualifier.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.