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Valorant NA LCQ tesuming soon - Start time, how to watch, more

North America’s Last Chance Qualifier will resume play soon online with a Grand Final only days away. Here's all the tournament information for the Valorant NA Last Chance Qualifier including start time, how to watch, and more.
The 2021 Valorant North America Last Chance Qualifier is soon resuming play after being postponed earlier in October. The event had to be paused when two members of FaZe Clan tested positive for COVID on 12 October.

Two weeks later, we are now ready to resume play, and it's all leading up to the Grand Final at the end of the month.

Here's all the latest on the Valorant NA Last Chance Qualifier including the tournament resume time, rules, and more.

Valorant NA Last Chance Qualifier
The Valorant NA Last Chance Qualifier is resuming this week! (Picture: Riot Games)

NA Last Chance Qualifier - Resumes 27th October

The NA Last Chance Qualifier will resume playing online on 27th October and the Grand Final will take place four days later on 31st October. It's still a double-elimination tournament and so far only 100 Thieves have qualified for the Upper Bracket Final.

Official tournament coverage will be streamed on the Valorant Twitch channel and Valorant Champions Tour YouTube channel. Check out the schedule for 27-31st October below.

NA LCQ - Day 2: Wednesday, 27th October

  • Round 1
    • (12 pm PT) Match 4: FaZe Clan (#3 seed) vs. Rise (#6 seed)
    • (3 pm PT) Match 5: Version1 (#2 seed) vs. Cloud9 Blue (#7 seed) 
  • Round 2
    • (6 pm PT) Match 6: Match 4 winner vs. Match 5 winner

NA LCQ - Day 3: Thursday, 28th October

  • Round 2
    • (12 pm PT) Match 7: Gen.G Esports vs. Luminosity Gaming
    • (3 pm PT) Match 8: Match 4 Loser vs. Match 5 Loser

NA LCQ - Day 4: Friday, 29th October

  • Round 3
    • (12 pm PT) Match 9: Match 6 Loser vs. Match 7 Winner
    • (3 pm PT) Match 10: XSET vs. Match 8 Winner
  • Upper Bracket Finals
    • (6 pm PT) Match 11: 100 Thieves vs. Match 6 Winner

NA LCQ - Day 5: Saturday, 30th October

  • Lower Bracket Semi-finals
    • (12 pm PT) Match 12: Match 9 Winner vs Match 10 Winner
  • Lower Bracket Finals
    • (3 pm PT) Match 13: Match 12 Winner vs Match 11 Loser

NA LCQ - Day 6: Sunday, 31st October

  • Grand Final - Best-of-5
    • (12 pm PT) Match 14: Match 11 Winner vs. Match 13 Winner

Make sure to keep up with our dedicated Valorant page ahead of the NA Last Chance Qualifier for all the latest breaking news and information from Riot Games.