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Valorant Origin collection: Release date, price, all skins, and more

The developers showcased the upcoming skin collection which is inspired by fantasy-driven sci-fi.
Valorant Origin collection: Release date, price, all skins, and more

The Valorant premium cosmetics team has been pumping out incredible content ever since the game's release over a year ago, creating skin collections that have ingrained themselves as iconic elements of the tactical shooter.

Now, following the release of the Tethered Realms collection, Riot decided to showcase their latest Origin skinline, which is inspired by a what-if scenario that depicts the designs as technology from a distant future to the point they might have a magical or fantasy aura surrounding them.

"Usually we have our own headcanon. We wanted to take a sci-fi approach to something that feels more ancient and magical," Riot explained.

Valorant Origin collection - All skins

The weapons that will receive a skin as part of this collection are the following:

  • Frenzy
  • Bucky
  • Vandal
  • Operator
  • Melee

On top of a slick new design, as premium skins, these weapons will receive special inspection animations, shooting sounds, and kill banners.

Origin Frenzy


Origin Bucky


Origin Vandal


Origin Operator


Origin Melee


Valorant Origin collection - Release date

While we have no official release date, it's safe to assume the bundle will go live this upcoming 9th June.

Valorant Origin collection - Cost

As we've said, the Origin skin bundle is a Premium Edition collection and each individual gun skin will cost 1775 VP with the bundle costing 7100 VP.

If you want to see the guns in action, check out the video by DiegoteTV down below.


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